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Halloween Clean

Namaste this Mindful Monday of Halloween!
Jeremiah had an awesome week at Science Camp, wishing he could stay a whole other week! I choose to know this means my birdie has strong wings to go with his passionate heart ~ zealous YES to that! I had a productive week at home alone but somehow did not produce the list of work I wish were done right now … including the New Thought Families Oct/Nov Newsletter & November pages due to load hours from now … oi vay! Instead, it seems, I was a productive housewife, sans the husband! My zealous energy & fortitude this last week were spent domestically with some efforts for Laurie’s Stories. The good news for New Thought Families is that all the domestic energy has strengthened & clarified the vision … now to put hands & feet to it! We will be out trick or treating this evening and I had a full musical morning at a few schools … lots of costumes and zealous excitement! We started the early morning with delivering 204 treats to Jeremiah’s school; we made them together last night:
Halloween Treats made with my sweet petite!

Ok, so I guess we coulda, shoulda, woulda got the perfect looking treats from the store but instead opted for the home spun experience of hand decorating the store bought doughnuts with candies. They were, as the picture reveals, perfectly imperfect!

This project was the 3rd of it’s nature this Halloween holiday weekend … Jeremiah’s soccer tournament & end of season party was Saturday so I made bags with home baked brownies & ghost sandwhiches that looked more like blobs than ghosts. Then there was the church … I answered a Martha Stewart like calling to make special treats for the coffee hour at the Methodist church on Sunday. Suffice it to say, I re-learned humilty & surrender as my creations looked less & less like their internet inspired blueprints. My sandwhich snakes turned into worms … with butter or coldcuts on the side. My hummus graveyard was … interesting but yummy. And my spider cupcakes … unusual. See what I mean?!

Bread Snakes turned Worms!
Hummus Graveyard?!
Creative Spider Cupcakes!

So, if your interested in the internet inspired versions, check out and if you’re interested in how these efforts relate to Zeal & Fortitude, read on!
As we have looked at this month, Zeal is a virtue of passion & sizzling zest for life while Fortitude is a courageous, brave spirit filled with guts & gumption. The two go hand in hand. Without Fortitude, Zeal might easily burn brightly, then quickly fizzle out. Without Zeal, Fortitude may not have the enduring moxie or gumption needed for sustaining itself. Both Zeal & Fortitude are energy, capable of existing on their own but together able to feed one another into longevity & lasting, loving service. The efforts pictured above came from a zealous yes to home, community, service, creativity & Love. Fortitude played a role in a willingness to say yes to the zealous calling and to keep saying yes at every turn when the planned projects seemed to fall way short of successful implementation of the blueprint. Let’s use this experience to look at some of the reasons we can lose our way with the gifts of Zeal & Fortitude:
1. Judgement
The act of judgement when too far removed from healthy discernment, can stamp out the brightest flame, the zippiest zeal, & the bravest fortitude. Lots of judgements have appeared for me this weekend including that I wasted my time or spent it unwisely. Truth is, I choose to be in service in lots of ways in this life. We can always choose what to be in service to, I chose to make all this holiday food. Another obvious judgement would be about the way the treats turned out … here again, a decision point. The folks at the church yesterday were truly delighted with their fare. The kids? Hard to say as they have grown accostumed to the perfect looking store bought treats. The concensus? I spent quality time with my boy in creative & nurturing service to the people in our immediate community. Perfectly imperfectly.
2. Doubt & Fear
These 2 big bad boys can zap the most positive energy anytime & every time! We can let our inner critics, gremlins or whatever you want to call them provoke us into second guessing ourselves or worse ~ or NOT! here’s that word again … choice. And of course the underlying needed companion of awareness. For the reasons described in #1, I could let the doubt monster run me down for all the work I did this weekend but I choose acceptance, Love, and some forgiveness for all the To Do’s still undone!
3. Addictions/Avoidance
Living in the fast pace way we do, it’s essential as conscious beings & parents that we look at the energy drainers that show up in our addictions. See, the gremlins are tricky and they must be watched with a compassionate view. What we’re often not aware of will show up sideways ~ and also true when we are aware of it! Of course there are scads of books on the subject but I will relate here that my weekend escapades can be compassionately viewed as creative avoidance of my other service tasks. Yet it is all perfectly imperfect because it is all loving service! I must also speak to my sugar addiction which comes & goes & lately has taken up too much real estate! Often the fuel we give our bodies is not what we need for lasting energy. Zeal & Fortiude are virtues of the Spirit but to be lived fully, they must have a clean vessel with which to flow! Even if you don’t have any seeming addictions in your diet, there may be ones from the media or cultural influences you choose to focus on. Remember, Zeal & Fortitude are available to us all, any time, but are more easily felt & lived with clean body & clear mind!

Oops! 5:01 p.m. here and now this post will read November 1 … suffice it to say I will compassionately view myself for another Mindful Monday! Well, it is practically November and our theme is changing to Hope & Prayer. One focus is that we are each our own church or ‘house of prayer’. We can relate the preceeding discussion to that with hope that we can ever become more aware of the temple we are! Your Monday Mindful Meditation Invitation this week is to feel the flow of Divine Energy through you as a Prayer. Remember, you can Play & Pray with us everyday at New Thought Families! Thanks for being here! Thanks for being!



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2 thoughts on “Halloween Clean

  1. I say job well done!!! Yes! and coming under the true and honest scrutiny of your heart and mind and words…and everything looks absolutely yummy, too. Thank you for all the thoughtful and heart-felt Zeal and Fortitude you put into this weekend!!! Thank you from everyone (<: !

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