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Oneness in the Busy-ness

Namaste this Mindful Monday!

Lots & lots on the list and in the mind of this New Thought mama! So I greet you in the oneness of busy-ness & stillness and in the Equinox balance of both. This mindful Monday, there are 3 songs vibrating in me from the weekend … All three of these songs came into being in 36 hours! In celebration of grandparents, the very special Myra Rose & Fall Equinox, you can hear VERY ROUGH home recordings of Family Of Love, Still Walking, and Balance With Mabon here onsite. This is a special link only for the blog … for all 2 of my blog followers and anyone else who spontaneously, serendipitously, on purpose happens in. EnJOY our new songs with us! We sang Still Walking & Family Of Love at 2 churches on Sunday, and the Mabon song at our Equinox celebration on Friday and another one on Saturday. It is the BEST to co-create and then share that co-creation with others and have their hearts be touched. Yessings for that those blessings!

The very special Myra Rose turned 100 in July and spoke at our Methodist church on Sunday. We went to see her on Tuesday in the residential care place she lives in and found out some gems from her inspirational life that we put into our song for her, Still Walking. She cried when she heard the song and I hope she felt duly honored. Myra taught in schools for 75 years and finally stopped at age 95. When we were visiting her, I spilled some water and she was so great in her positive reaction, “We love water. Water is great.” Truly, NO problem! She had a card on her wall from the Obama family for turning 100. She said, “He’s my president. He’s doing the best he can. They’ve all been my president and they’ve all done their best.” Wow! What if ALL Americans could feel that way! Myra really has this attitude of unconditional love & acceptance that is a magnificent testimony to life. When I asked her what a recipe or guide for her life had been, she said, “What my mama taught me: Love the Creator & the whole creation. Give of yourself wherever you’re put (or set) down.”  There was my chorus!:
Love the Creator & the whole creation.
Give of yourself wherever you’re set down.
Put your heart & hands into loving service
and always know you’re walking holy ground.

You can hear Still Walking at New Thought Families!

Sooooooooooooo, in this last week of September, we are sifting through our Oneness teachings and gearing up for the zeal & fortitude of October. The healing codes have been working beautifully with Jeremiah’s feet though he still has some pain when running sometimes. Some would call them growing pains I think but I’m glad that he is learning tools now to clear pain from his body ~ especially the unconscious & oh so destructive cellular memories. I have some pieces falling into place for jobs in my life’s work … still slowwwwww and I can’t say I feel successful in aligning my mind in connecting with others, aka booking work. I LOVE co-creating and performing; those are my gifts and that is how I give & receive love whether or not I am ever paid for it. But I will continue the work of clearing blocks and aligning with divine mind so that I may prosperously serve the right ones at the right time ~ and have plenty of money in the bank!

We also continue to embrace the many faceted teachings of Oneness at New Thought Families for September and apply them to our theme of Co-Creating Heaven in 2011. Sifting through, there are many teachings including the predominate call to serve others through the joy of heart. I am aligning with divine mind in many areas of life and as I step back, I keep affirming willingness & surrender. There will necessarily be some upcoming shifts coming onsite and here. It is all good and all God and indeed, God is good all the time!

Your Mindful Monday Meditation Invitation this week is to align with divine mind & deepen your sense of oneness with yourself & all aspects of your life.

Our interfaith, intergenerational, multi-media Play & Pray calendar, United As One will switch 10/1 to An Attitude of Fortitude: Feel The Zeal! Play & Pray with us! Our new music video this month is We’re All The Same from our new CD, In Our Hands. Jeremiah wrote the lyrics to this song when he was 7 and now, age 11 he is singing it in the park with his friends, Cole & JJ who also sing on the CD. Here’s the music video ~ sing with us!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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