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Soul Soup = Oneness!


Namaste this Mindful Monday!
I just posted the New Thought Families September Newsletter and it feels a bit like soup … Still fairly hot here but the fall breezes are beginning to blow and this week we celebrate Fall Equinox on the 23rd. BTW, Jeremiah & I are leading a Celebration Circle for Sophia’s Well Of  Wisdom on the 23rd ~ it’s in our newsletter here!
While I’m on the subject of invites, there’s a parenting telesummit beginning tomorrow:

The Great Parenting Show!
Supportive Wisdom for Raising Joyful Kids!

This 3 month series is a free telesummit that includes some of the top parenting experts covering your toughest discipline issues like sibling rivalry, dealing with bullying, ADD and many more. From preschoolers to teens, you’ll hear from experts that include Bruce Lipton & Sonia Choquette. You can even get your questions answered live on the calls! This global event kicks off on Tuesday, September 20th at 9 AM PT (10am MT/11am CT/12pm ET) so mark your calendars. You’ll be able to listen to all calls free with a 48 hour replay availability. Sign up!

Telesummits such as this one make for spectacular soup! Let’s think soup …. the best soups take some fine ingredients, mix them into a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts! Writing the NTF Newsletter is a good exercise in soup making as well as oneness; taking a look at the whole  through the sum of all the parts. Seems I’m doing a lot of that across the board these days …. home, work, finding work, New Thought Families, Laurie’s Stories, and did I say home? And family? Family. Another message of soup and oneness. When we are willing to step back and into awareness, any and every area of our lives can be seen in swirling, connected unity. And when we more easily see the oneness within ourselves and our home, family, & the different facets of our lives, then we can more easily connect with our oneness with others & with the world.

We were blessed with a fun outing with friends on Saturday. We met up with Karene & Don after Jeremiah’s soccer game and they drove to Chico where we met up with our friend and great NTF supporter, yogi Keith. We had a picnic in the park where we also met my nephew, Eliott. My nephew is new to Chico having just graduated high school ~ lots of transition & change for him! So it was wonderful on many levels for all of us to be together, break bread and play music. The music sort of drifted around the people near us and a few of the children responded with smiles or comment. Towards the end of our time together, after Eliott had left, Keith & I were playing Soup Of The Soul and a woman started dancing & drawing near. She began gesturing to the sky with arms and kisses and she was crying. After the song, she thanked us and said she was touched. The conversation deepened quickly into a discussion of God. She admited to being an alcoholic and said she needed prayer. I said, “Sure! Let’s pray now.” She was very surprised and it took several invitations for her to center into her heart before she could accept the moment, the prayer. Her name was Rabbit. I called her daughter over to join us and we prayed. Afterwards, Rabbit asked a lot of questions about how to pray to which I simply answered, “God doesn’t care what you say or how you say it, you just have to show up.” “I can’t get up there!”, she exclaimed. I replied, “Not in body, just in spirit. Show up how you are, where you are.” At some point, she faded back and we played a few more songs which she may or may not have responded to. But I do know, that even for that one brief moment, this woman’s heart seemed to open to God just by hearing Soup Of The Soul. And in that same moment, my heart opened to her and we were at One.

Your Monday Mindful Meditation Invitation this week is to play connect the dots and see more unity and oneness within you, your world and the world at large. See if our daily Play & Pray Calendar can serve you in this! Take even just a few of the many, many pieces and see the thread of Love and the web of oneness. Stir your pieces up in the soup of your soul! Here’s our Music Video, Soup of the Soul. EnJOY!



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