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9/11: One On One


Greetings! It is now the Mindful Monday after 9/11 and I am gratefully playing in the sand. Just my fingers … in a sand mandala resurrected on the deck yesterday. 9/11 remains a powerful day in American as well as global consciousness. We honor with reverence & gratitude all those courageous responders who came to the rescue that fateful day … all those who lived and those that didn’t. We send a prayer for the peace that passeth understanding to all those families who lost loved ones that day. And we breathe into our Oneness with each of them … those who lost, those that survived … and even those who did the killing. For Oneness is just that … a unity with all of life, the good, the bad, the unspeakable.

On THE 9/11, Jeremiah was a baby on my lap as I sat on the last plane to leave Sacramento, CA at 6:00 a.m. It was a turbulent flight from the beginning with lots of bumpy air. So that when the pilot came on the loudspeaker to say that the World Trade Center had been hit by aircraft, the country was under attack and all planes were ordered down, the man next to me in broken English began saying, “It’s a lie, a lie. There’s something wrong with the plane, we’re going to crash. The pilot is making it up, it’s a lie.” I told him if the pilot were making up a story, that wouldn’t be it. But the man continued until his wife, who was sitting in front of us with their 2 children, 1 on her lap, turned  and spoke quietly & sternly to the man in their native tongue. He immediately surrendered into prayer/meditation. I was already there as was the rest of the plane it seemed. So quiet, yet full of the Presence in the midst of fear of the unfathomable. The pilot came back on saying we were allowed to return to Sacramento to land (a blessing I could not fully grasp until later) and that all we could do now was to “Pray to the good Lord to keep us safe.” Amen. Roger Wilco.

In that quiet Presence, we were at One with each other through the magnitude of the surreal event we were a part of. Subconsciously, we were also at One with all those on the other fated flights that day, at One with all those who felt terror, all those who would not deplane, go home, and write about it 10 years later. We were blessed to live, it was not our time to go.  Thank You God. Oneness. It means we also, on some level, are at One with the attackers. The ones who knew that they would not deplane that day and neither would anyone else. It is only through compassion and the unconditional Love of God that we can even tip toe into this territory, albeit 10 years later. And yet, that is the gift of 9/11. As the world watched in horror, we all inched closer to a sense of connection, of unity, of Oneness. 10 years later, we continue that process, one inch at a time. Truly, as Ruth Pelham’s song asserts, “We’re all a family under one sky.” Unfortunately, it still seems to take a sky that’s falling for us to collectively glimpse that reality.

Yesterday, we did not attend church or any special services. But we spent extra jammie time … and set up my little sand mandala playspot pictured below. I did 45 minutes of  Healing Codes with my Jeremiah, now 11. The Healing Codes are a meditation/prayer done with hands positioned an  inch or 2 away from the body at certain points & particular intervals. The Codes are based on the premise that any pain in our bodies & lives comes from issues of the heart. Thereby, if we heal our hearts, the (physical) pain is dispelled. Jeremiah has had a lot of pain in his feet lately. Due to somewhat tricky circumstances, we do not have medical insurance but what I deduce is that he’s most likely experiencing plantar fasciitis. I’ve been asking around to other parents, etc. and when I asked his dad, I got a scathing lecture about what a horrible mother I was because the boy won’t eat broccoli/veges and that is what’s wrong with his feet as well as more things to come, etc etc etc ~! SOOOOOOOOO, THIS gift was to go to my Source (finally!) and saw clearly about the Oneness of body, mind & Spirit. Happily, after doing intensive codes on Friday & Saturday morning,  Jeremiah ran in his soccer game without pain during  & only a little bit after! Thank you God! Now, we walked the mile and a half to school this morning and he was fine. After school report?   “My feet hurt just a little when we ran 4 laps around the track &  up & down the bleachers for P.E.  They are definitely so much better!” YES! We’ll keep coding & I’ll keep you posted!

What this healing experience tells me is the same thing as what the horrors of 9/11 tell me. Truly, all of life is One with Love at the center. There is Divine Order in every bit of it. And we are One with every bit of it in as much as our conscious minds can experience that Oneness. And sooooo … it really is in our hands … in our hands to heal our own hearts and the collective heart too. As part of our conscious healing, we can stick our hands in the sand … feel how each tiny grain comes to make the whole. Your Monday Mindful Meditation Invitation is to keep opening to the experience of Oneness … grain by grain … one on one … Namaste, Love.

Remember to Play& Pray with us  everyday! Our United As One Spetember Calendar is HERE! We will be posting more content onsite this week including our new music video, We’re All the Same as well as more with September’s Home Spiritual Practices including mandalas!:

Home Spiritual Practice: Mandala Meditation!


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2 thoughts on “9/11: One On One

  1. Thank you for this ten year retrospective and reminding us that only love and forgiveness for ourselves and others can bring peace to us and the world.
    I hope Jeremiah’s feet get better. I remember when my son at that age was feeling pains in his legs. We could only ascribed it to “growing pains.” He did “grow out of it” but what a gift for Jeremiah growing up aware of the crucial connection between the body and the Heart.
    Thank you, again.

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