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Wonderings On Working For Oneness

Namaste this Mindful Labor Day Monday!

We spent the weekend singing with the folkies (San Francisco Folk Music Club ~ in the Santa Cruz mountains & drove back this morning. It is always a joy & a marvel to be with folks who gather under the redwoods to make music. Jeremiah made his stage debut on the keyboards & he was well received, appreciated & supported. He has grown up in this folk community & they have certainly helped strengthen my little songbird’s wings. We had a CD launch party for  In Our Hands, did concerts, workshops, fun, food, fellowship, mmmm. The song rings on …

My meditation on work is deepened this day dedicated to Labor … the prayer for clarity remains the same, “What is mine to do?” Unfortunately, in our current societal structure, being in service doesn’t always equate with being gainfully employed, aka receiving the paycheck for services rendered. Still, I choose to remain in service to many aspects of what I consider work even though there is no paycheck. I was in service at the music camp this weekend in many capacities & truly enJOYed it! Most of my work with New Thought Families is also a volunteer effort and one that I often still wonder about as far as if it has a (positive) impact on others. I have admittedly been side-stepping the vision of New Thought Families that presented itself at New Year’s …. I need to pause & deepen there. We set up a structure for this year with our monthly themes & home spiritual practices, etc. & with the minimal traffic to our videos, I have to wonder who, if anyone, we are actually serving. Still & all, I hear the call & am committed. What came to me this weekend was that perhaps the focus of  NTF should be less NT & more just plain folks, plain families. I can still be aligned with New Thought teachings & present heart opening content in a secular way … that’s what the new CD In Our Hands does. Sunday morning, I led a Spirit Songs workshop for heart opening songs. I said that I believed there was one absolute power & force in the universe for good. A couple of people said they could tell that about me from the weekend … in the way I talked and the (secular) songs I sang. So it is! I am doing my job!

What are we here to do but to express Love? We follow our hearts & live as expressions of God’s Love & divinity shining. That is my job. And like any job, some days I’m better at it than others. And all aspects of life, whether it be family, parenting, or any work we do in all walks of life from home to heart … can benefit from reflection, introspection & visioning. When we do this, we strengthen the oneness of what we do, who we are, and how we (can) serve in the world.

There are a few commitments I have that aren’t negotiable. They are, no matter what. I am a child of God committed to being the best expression of this Love. I am Jeremiah’s mom; a full-time job I am honored to take very seriously& joyfully. I am also mother to a whole host of storybook characters at Laurie’s Stories & the Leaping Literacy Online Library there ~ And yes,  I am mother to New Thought Families  which currently includes this weekly blog. All of the work, stories & songs, are within the realm of what I do ~ what’s mine ~  as expressions of the divine. I trust that I am called to my right work and I am surrendered as to what aspects to spend time on these days. And on how best to make money. I do want to gratefully acknowledge that Jeremiah’s dad is generous with child support & I feel he has our back. He is one of God’s safety nets in our lives, thank You God! And thank you Daniel. He appreciates & supports my job as Jeremiah’s mother. And that is truly a blessing for which I give great thanks!

Oneness. Seeing & weaving the myriad of threads in our lives. I have an angel on the wall next to me that reads, “Weave in faith & God will find the thread.” And one of our songs sings, “Life is a web woven in grace. We are all weavers weaving in faith. Love is the thread connecting the web. We are all weavers; Love is the thread.” And so it is.

Your Mindful Meditation Invitation this week is to see the oneness of you in all the work you do. Join us for a daily opportunity to Play & Pray:
Our Play & Pray Calendar  for September is United As One. We have David Tralle music with Laurie & Jeremiah narration. Our pictures come from friend & fab photographer Michel Kotski found at his website  here:  And some of the calendar pictures are Laurie’s like the one below inviting us all to embrace the oneness of all facets of who we are & what we do ~ for Love, as Love, with Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

One thought on “Wonderings On Working For Oneness

  1. Very beautiful, Laurie. I treasure your work and dedication in all that you do. I urge everyone to listen to IN OUR HANDS, Laurie’s latest CD with Laurie, Jeremiah, David Tralle and friends. I’ve never heard such beautiful and inspiriing music as Laurie’s. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love & Namaste, Keith

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