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Graceful: Full of Grace

Namaste Mindful Friends!

Aahhh… a full week at home. Thank you God! Back to school & soccer & work? My familiar work of the last 6 years doing ChildSing Song Circles with local preschoolers has ended. State funding  is no longer available and I am free to try new ways and means. So what am I doing? Reaching back for what I did before Jeremiah … doing some tours performing school assemblies … or am I? I am in the dreaded booking phase and trying to feel the grace that is surely flowing. Before our summer voyage, I was praying about how to make a living and got a booking call from a school in western New York … a place Ive been graced to travel & perform lots … but mostly in the 90’s before Jeremiah was born. Now, I’m reminded how hard it is for me to book myself … especially when dinner depends on it … and yet, I am using my tools in a new found way. A mix of quantum selling and Spiritual Mind treatment to seek and affirm the perfect schools, students, and families to serve with my wonderful gifts of Laurie’s Stories. I am also embracing the treasure box of the internet & its infinite possibilities. Truthfully, I am full of hope and faith filled affirmation and at the same time, I am full of fear & doubt. Still, I gratefully affirm grace flowing which makes even the most awkward, doubtful me, graceful. Soooooooooo… Can I monetize my online work? Will I remain graceful no matter what? Stay fine tuned …

Meanwhile, Jeremiah is a 6th grader and back on the soccer field as goalie. We held hands today on part of the walk to school. So blessed in Love that my 6th grade boy will still hold my hand ~ at least today! I am ever reminded & present to the flow of Love & grace that just is. And in this remembrance, I am graceful.

A friend of ours died this week. She was a healer and helped many but in the end was filled with cancer & died after her stage 4 diagnosis approx. 3 months ago. We visited her in PA last month; sang, prayed, held sacred space. She was completely at peace. Yes, she was full of cancer but she was also full of grace at the same time. Such is the mystery of life. I had a dream about her recently, about 5 days before I heard of her passing … and I’m not sure which day she passed but in the dream, she was beaming radiantly. I asked her how she was and she just glowed saying, “I’ve ascended!” Sounds like a dream come true!  The other day Jeremiah pondered, “I wonder if Beth has been reborn yet or if she’s taking some time with God …” Beth was a 4th generation homeopath. A tribute to her is here:

Upon hearing of  Beth’s passing, I called another friend who has been bravely battling cancer for a year or more. I pray for her daily but rarely speak to her. Her angelic warmth shone through the phone lines … so full of life & Love … and grace. Thank You God for how you flow Your grace in all situations … especially the challenging, yucky ones.

In sickness, health, life, death, birth, re-birth … God’s grace flows. Sure, we like it better when the right “stuff” shows up … jobs with stacks of money that celebrate our gifts, healing miracles that allow cancer to be gone and life to triumph. But grace, as synonymous with God & Love & divine energy flowing, is just that … always flowing. I know that. I affirm that. And it indeed washes over me as peace, sweet peace.

With more than a little of God’s grace … here it is … the new CD! It’s true, it really is In Our Hands! Hear samples of all 12 tracks on site!

In Our Hands CD

So our mindful message this month and  Our Mindful Monday Meditation Invitation is to be in the flow & grace of gratitude ~ to feel grace flowing whever we are! This week, see if you can find & feel grace flowing  … especially when it doesn’t feel graceful!

Pray & Play with us this month in our divine online Thanks Living Grateful Grace multi-media Calendar featuring Laurie & Jeremiah narration with David Tralle’s beautiful music. May you flow with the grace that surely is ever present! Namaste, Love. 



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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