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Going Grateful!

Namaste Mindful Friends!

I greet you with an exhausted & grateful wave from home … bags unpacked, first day of school walked & enJOYed, soccer practice, sorting stacks of mail, and much more … life is always so full no matter where we are! I was up nearly 24 hours straight on Saturday flying home and Jeremiah & I sat together on the planes laughing heartily at our comical crew.  This Mindful Monday finds me still somewhat dazed & confused by our trip and centered deeply in gratitude for all of it … especially HOME! I will try to put a few coherent thoughts afloat out here in cyberspace. ~Thank you for bearing with me ~ I share this with you ever so gratefully!

It was a long strange trip as they say … Jeremiah made me promise that “never again in my childhood, will we leave home for a month!” I heartily agreed! There were of course, many blessings and challenges during our month East. All the dynamics of (Jeremiah’s) family were ripe for practicing compassion, forgiveness and being grateful for the challenges. It is so much easier said than done to go grateful through the places that don’t feel good. Yet, if we are to be truly aligned with the divine order of life and flow of grace, it takes that willingness and awareness to gratefully embrace all of it. Being at the beach all last week was such a blessing and so easy to give gratitude for sun, sand, water but we did practice giving thanks for the yuckies too. Awareness makes for empowerment ~ at any age! I see it in my wise 11 year old and feel it in me. Thank you God!

I did fall in love last week … with one of God’s creations that boggles the mind and expands the soul! I fell in love … with horseshoe crabs.
These amazing creatures pre-date the dinosaurs by 1 million years …. they date them back on the planet to at least 350 million years. Their blood is copper based rather than iron based so is blue instead of red. Their blood has strong antibodies against toxins that are being studied. They have 3 eyes on top of their hard, turtle-like shell. In the first few years of their lives, they molt 17 times and when they molt, they go all out ~ literally! They grow a whole new self and abandon the old self completely … hard shell, crab legs underneath and long tail that steers them like a rutter … the whole thing is left as the new one emerges. After they’ve done this about 17 times in 2 years, they are mature and will stay in their body for life. With all these amazing facts, I find their lives a superb example of thrive and it brings out the God Love in me! Do horseshoe crabs go grateful? I choose to think they do … for life is a dance with the good & bad, dark & light … to survive & thrive for millions of years, a creation is at one with its Creator … cause for celebration, revelation and necessarily gratitude! So no matter what my new love the crabs think & feel … or not ~! I am so grateful for them and for our holy Creator of all!

Horseshoe Crab!

So our mindful message this month and  Our Mindful Meditation Invitation is to be in the flow & grace of gratitude ~ to ‘go grateful’ whever we are! This week, see if you can catch yourself going down the road of negativity ~ resentment, doubt or any of the other troublesome twists and turns we take ourselves through … then STOP! And renavigate to go the way of grateful … no matter what!

Pray & Play with us this month in our divine online Thanks Living Grateful Grace multi-media Calendar featuring Laurie & Jeremiah narration with David Tralle’s beautiful music. Below is our Ag. home spiritual practice video, Gratitude Journals. Though we are home now, we contiue to go grateful wherever we are! Namaste, Love. 



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