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Missed Monday~Flowing Friday!

Namaste Mindful Ones!

This week came in the midst of being in Niagara Falls with a health issue, a rental car with a flat tire, the incredible healing power of water & rainbow and so many logistical concerns & challenges of a vacationing webmaster … I will not go into it ALL! I did want to check in because the week is not the same for me without this post ~ this is the 1st week missed since our inception of the blog in February. So here I am, if nothing else to make up my missed Monday in this Friday flow with a check in full of love & gratitude ~ and a few words on the flow of grace …!

As noted in previous weeks, Jeremiah & I are East for 1 month … with 8 more days to go, we both are SO ready to be home! Luckily, wherever we are, we are home with God, with Love and with each other. We are so blessed in Love & there is no spot where God is not! This trip is mostly about Jeremiah spending time with his dad & grandparents here and we leave tom (Sat) for a week more of that at the Jersey Shore, then flying home Sat the 13th ~ whew! So for the record, if I run into more connection problems this coming Monday, this blog may skip another beat until I’m home on Monday the 15th ~ the 1st day of (Jeremiah’s) school!

Soooooo……. being on vacation is much easier when you don’t try to work!! And some of the work I’ve/we’ve done this past week is glistening in goodness & grace that leaves me feeling sooooo grateful!! Our New Thought Families web theme this month is Gratitude & Grace and for any that visited this week, apologies for the delays! It can be challenging fitting in this volunteer web work under the best of circumstances but this month, I simply ran into insurmountable challenges … still the flow of grace will always bring us through … whoo hoo! My travelling studio had multiple connection & linking issues and coupled with a few health challenges of my own, it all led to complete surrender. In the place of surrender, grace always flows.

On Mindful Monday, Ag 1st, we were in Niagara Falls. I awoke with a very bloodshot, painful eye beckoning me to see the world differently! The day before, on Sunday, we were at Unity of Buffalo with lots of music and our talk, Trusting Transformation. It was a fun & faith filled time that we truly enJOYed. We met many wonderful folks there who shared their love & appreciation of our gifts. It was divine! And my ego had a ripe time afterwards telling me all I had done wrong … ick! Jeremiah didn’t agree; my beautiful supportive boy was a perfect navigator for the trip … running the GPS in the car and helping me stay aligned with the internal GPS ~ God Positioning System ~ I spoke of on Sunday. I also did a few library shows with Laurie’s Stories on the trip and did indeed feel well aligned with my own GPS~ Gifts, Purpose, Service.

My inner view is much more clear this flowing Friday as is my eye; our August website is updated … up & running with a few more tweaks being added tonight, Thank You God! One of the gifts of this delay was realizing how much I love doing the site! And flowing with what is … including the myriad of pictures I’ve spoken of phasing out … that job is one better done from the home office! Suffice it to say that sometimes we just need to surrender it all, even & especially the To Do List to be in the flow of what is. Being in that flow is grace.

Our blessed safe travels also gave us some memorable experiences of Love; spending time with a dear old friend, Marian Librarian & her daughter Julie who took me to an early morning yoga class in the park, going through Letchworth Park “mini Grand Canyon”, visiting Reptileland & the American Little League Museum which actually choked me up repeatedly! And Niagara Falls … we returned to the Cave of The Winds & the “Hurricane Deck” for the most amazing and awesome gift of inspiration & healing power! You go 176 feet down in an elevator … it was dug by hand and took 2 years~! Then,  you take this walkway at the base of the American & Bridal Veil falls where you can go up and experience the splashing, drenching intensity of the Bridal Veil Falls. This day there was an amazing full rainbow that arced the distance of the falls and seemed to follow us everywhere we went. I did take a few pictures but with my cell phone and I don’t know how to access them now~ Surrender that! Being there in that awe-inspiring power of color & water & energy was so healing & rejuvenating … I affirmed the Love that is me living as me. I was so aware of the God presence pulsating in me & all around me …. Jeremiah and I both were brimming with joy & Love … as he had expressed when we there before, it was impossible to contain all that joy & Love ~ because we’re not supposed to! In the circle of giving & receiving, Love & joy simply flow and it is our work & play to stay as open channels. I couldn’t remember feeling so physically well in a long time as I did walking away from those falls that mindful Monday, soaking wet, vibrating with that power that has continued to pulsate in me all week. Thank You God!

So our mindful message this month and  Our Mindful Meditation Invitation is to stay steeped in gratitude … no matter what~! And to allow the flow of grace in our beings & doings … whether we are engaged or surrendered, grace is available to us … God flows Love in divine order everywhere all the time … even and especially when (we feel) we are away from home and the road is bumpy!

Pray & Play with us this month in our divine online Thanks Living Grateful Grace multi-media Calendar featuring Laurie & Jeremiah narration with David Tralle’s beautiful music. Below is our music video, We Thank You ~ “May we never take for granted all the million little things that each & every sunrise promises to bring!” Thank you, thank you, thank you to you, the eyes, mind & heart here & now reading these words and experiencing the flow of grace that is us. Namaste, Love. 



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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