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A Second Face To Service

Namaste Mindful Ones!

Greetings from the East Coast time zone! Jeremiah & I had a safe Saturday journey here to spend time with his dad & grandparents. The flight out here brought an interesting awareness opportunity I will share as a gateway into this week’s mindful matter. For logistical reasons (lessons learned!) that involved not checking in online ahead of time, we were the last ones on the plane and with no assigned seating, there were barely 2 seats left, much less 2 seats together. They had boarded late and everyone was antsy to go and no one willing to give up their seat. Jeremiah was put (gratefully!) with a mom who had a lap child and a 5-year-old that Jeremiah kept so well entertained, the mom later said she wished she could take him all the way home to Alabama! I was put in the exit row where I was asked if I were willing to help people off the plane in case of emergency and I truthfully answered that, “No, I needed to sit with my child.” While this truth was ignored, it started the wheels turning in my monkey mind generating a bit of fear and thoughts of a burning plane filling with smoke and not knowing where Jeremiah was. As it was, I couldn’t see him from where I was in a smoke free plane. And so the opportunities begin … The steward was a major comedian with the announcements making all of us laugh throughout the flight. But there in the beginning when he was saying the part of putting your own mask on first and if you have more than 1 child, put the mask on the one with the most potential first, etc. ~ I lost it! Flood gates open, tears flowing! The man next to me seemed vaguely compassionate with my pain but lost whatever he had upon hearing my son was 11. The woman on the other side of me never spoke to me the whole flight but had a heavy, decidedly uncompassionate energy about her. My ego was trying to have a field day with the judgements of how these innocent bystanders should be with me & this situation. The steward and stewardess could not have been kinder and the stewardess repeatedly tried to “buy me a drink”. Instead, I choose to meditate. I had only had 3 hours sleep in my efforts to complete the never-ending To Do List which was incrementally longer than usual as I was leaving home for 1 month. My morning meditation had been very short so I surrendered into that sweet, peaceful place for a good long time and indeed was restored to peace. The man next to me went to sleep and the woman had her laptop, headphones and a beer. I went to the bathroom, gave Jeremiah a snack and a kiss and verified that he was, after all, completely happy and safe. I was reminded of his first morning of preschool at age 3; I stood in the doorway in tears as he gave a brief “See ya!” wave and happily immersed himself with his new playmates.

Fast forward to this morning’s Monday mindful walk …. I was wearing a T shirt of affirmations that read, “I am happy. I am loved. I am blessed. I am beautiful.” I was walking the neighborhood letting my mind slip into judgements about the trash people throw away here, some of which really belongs at the 2nd hand store vs. the landfill. Then I passed a woman walking. “Good morning!”, I smiled. “Morning”, she replied, “You’re really all those things, huh?” “YAAAAA!”, I called back cheerfully over my shoulder. Then I began affirming them to myself, “I am happy. I am loved. …” At some point, judgement ego mind tried to step in with some version of “how rude of that woman to say that, her voice was so sarcastic”, etc. And then the major awareness dawns bright ~ what a service she provided! Her judgement and/or spoken comment jarred me out of my judgement (over the garbage/recycling) into affirming the blessed, beautiful truth of who I am! The people on the plane, especially the woman next to me, provided the same service! Instead of sympathizing & kabitzing with my “pain”, she put up a wall that allowed me to go immediately to my Source ~ to the one sure place of comfort & peace. Thank you God! And so it is.

And so it is that truly we are always in service to each other. We constantly have opportunities to offer each other compassionate care but even when we don’t or can’t do that, we are serving a need in each other! The trick is for us to be steeped in awareness and ever opening to the mighty flow of Love. For truly it is all Love, Always Love! On our 2nd flight, a kind young man quickly offered to change seats so we could sit together and my awareness’ coming off the flights was the remembrance to always turn to God ~ big Love first and foremost and that compassion is still a too rare commodity. This morning’s deepening awareness allowed me to really thank that woman from the first flight for her great service! When I was leaving her/the plane that day, I felt this yucky energy emanating from her as I was walking away down the aisle so I silently ‘God blessed’ her in adieu and felt the energy immediately dissipate. Whether mine, hers or both, God brings peace ~ always Love!

This morning’s walk & awareness’ also led to a wonderful new song I will further develop & finalize for our musical talk, Trusting Transformation coming up at the Unity of Buffalo the end of the month. Thank You God! I was also reminded of a wonderful chant written & recorded  by Rev. Richard Burdick, “I am led. I am guided. I am loved. I am blessed.” YES, YES, YES! Always blessed! Always Love!

The In Our Hands CD made it through final edit just before we left ~yippee!  The night before we left, we finalized! Thank you Temple Studios & their “Home Grown Beats” in Jackson! YES, with God, ALL things are possible! Today, I will ship the master to our duplication guys ~ again, I say YIPPEE! And thank you, thank you to our executive producer and #1 fan & believer, Sacred Path yogi, Keith LickeyYour compassionate service to these songs is so appreciated Keith! The songs are simply done but speak to the sweetness of awareness in taking compassionate care for ourselves, each other & our planet. Jeremiah makes his piano recording debut with just a tinkling touch of keys on the title track. We should have samples of  all 12 tracks onsite by next Mindful Monday!

For your Mindful Meditation this week, see if you can see the 2nd face of service in yourself & others! Bring your awareness to a situation, especially one that feels uncomfortable or worse, and find the hidden layers of service & compassion.

Our New Thought Families website focus this month is on Service & Giving. The daily pray & play calendar is In Our Hands which features some fun hand graphics, reflective & playful ideas in writing accompanied by song clips for each day’s interactive, interfaith, intergenerational messages.
From our Simply Singing: In A Circle Of Love CD, here’s the  music video, Always Love:



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