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Service Centered

Namaste this Mindful Monday!
This comes to you from my last Monday at home for a while … gearing up for a month away! Technology being the marvel it is, the plan is to keep showing up here in blogland with a few mindful Monday musings from our travels. We are heading East mostly for Jeremiah to be with his dad & grandparents where will have a myriad of activities including a week at the Jersey shore. In the middle, Jeremiah & I will head out for a few days by ourselves and a few performances at libraries as well as a visit to the Unity church in Buffalo where we will give the talk & music with our big screen visuals. Trusting Transformation is the talk title and continues to be this summer’s theme on the home/travel front as well as at the web home of New Thought Families.

I received 2 wonderful emails through the site this week. One from a metaphysical grandmother & interfaith minister who has New Thought children’s books to share! Yay! We have begun our dance into the logistics of sharing her work for families at our .com so stay fine tuned! The 2nd email was just as powerful or more so though it admittedly has its joy more deeply embedded in a few layers of yuck. Ya, let me spell this out! A woman saw her photo on one of our June calendar pages and was writing to say, “How ironic that on a page about trust, you have a stolen photo.” Upon investigation, I found that her photo was one we got from the site we get a lot of our animated gifs from & nearly all of our Play & Pray calendar pictures. Her particular photo had been animated & signed by someone else unbeknownst to her! I was able to direct her to the link where I found it and took it off our site with authentic apologies for any disrespect or infringement to her & her work. Whew! Deep breath. And this is wonderful how??!! To start with, it is the truth and thereby a big wake up call to me. I had quietly, in the back of my mind been wondering about the origin of some of these pictures we use and now the challenge is ON … Can I re-create the site to only use pictures that I have permission to use?! ~ Permission through either the photographer themselves and/or through using the animated pictures that are clearly labeled as public domain for free use ~ and yes, at some point I have to trust that some are clearly free. Now, there are hundreds, if not thousands of pictures currently on site so this becomes a daunting thought much less task to say the least. So … I center in service …

Service. One definition is the act of a helpful activity. I have been soul-searching a lot this summer (as always!) about how to best be of service as well as the HOW & the WHY! In being truthful with myself, I have to keep asking about why & how I should keep showing up … here for instance. Yes as the poet James Dillet Freeman beautifully writes, the bird sings its song in the forest even if no one is listening. The blogger shows up even if there are no readers? Really? How many Sundays would the minister keep preparing for & showing up for if there were no congregants? Is it meaningful to stand in an empty church & deliver a heartfelt sermon … Sunday after Sunday? Is that helpful? To whom?!

I also had feedback this week from a family member who told me to get a reality check; “Surf the web. Your site looks nothing like what’s going on out there. I would NEVER send anyone to your site.” Yes, there was more and no, there wasn’t any compassion to it ~ that I could see or feel anyway! So … I center in service …

Service. My definition is the act of flowing Love as God instructs & guides me to do ~ through my compassionate heart & the gifts I am given.

Soooooooooooo … I am centered  in service every day. Service to myself & my relationship with God through spiritual practice, exercise, etc., service to Jeremiah & my family through many acts of caring & doing, service to Laurie’s Stories & New Thought Familiesthrough many creative expressions including the websites. And service to community & others not on a daily basis but as often as possible … and maybe daily … if you consider every smile or open door is a small act of service that might just make someone’s day!

As for the website pictorial makeover …… I stand in my newly made over garage and affirm, “With God, truly all things are possible!” It is now an integrity issue as well as potentially a legal one. And if there are to be sponsors & partners for the website, they too need to be protected. I have had ideas about first steps and ultimately it is done as all things, 1 page or picture at a time. I will look to have it completed by year’s end or sooner … because I am in service to this message, this Spirit expression and to doing no harm or no wrong.

The In Our Hands CD is in final edit this week ~ I hope! And it too affirms that with God, as well as faith & perseverance, truly ALL things are possible! It is within our reach … our hands, our feet … to serve ourselves & others through the callings of our hearts. And that, is how we serve God … simply by staying centered in loving service. And so it is! Wonderful, mindful week to you!

Our New Thought Families website focus this month is on Service & Giving. The daily pray & play calendar is In Our Hands which features some fun hand graphics, reflective & playful ideas in writing accompanied by song clips for each day’s interactive, interfaith, intergenerational messages. Here’s a music video from our Small After Small CD, Soup Of The Soul:



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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