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Transforming Service

Namaste this Mindful Day! Yes, never mind it’s not Monday! I’d like to say I forgot the blog because we were off at Feather’s Camp or Music Camp or some other holiday celebration this weekend but transforming truth be told, I was doing a major garage makeover! Yes, I spent a good part of this week’s Mindful Monday in the garage re-organizing much of my life’s work. Ever since June’s focus on Truth & Transformation, I have been diving deep within & without focussing on all that is and all that isn’t. For ChildSing’s summer school program, I had pulled out lots of teddy bears, musical instruments, ribbon sticks, etc etc etc and that mixed with hundreds of Laurie Story laminated book pages, thousands of felt pieces, a massive myriad of craft supplies … well, I could go on but you probably get the picture. Everyone’s garage has at least some STUFF, right?

I’m also dealing with massive numbers of computer files and major gigs. The GREAT news from this area of transformation is that the In Our Hands CD is back on track! We have re-recorded most of the songs, will salvage a few of the old mixes and I believe we should have the CDs in our hands by August! There are many ways I have been in service to these songs and I am trusting life’s perfection that divine order is bringing them into full circle fruition NOW! Thank You God!

For our home spiritual practice last month, we were ~ and still are! ~ reading Tolle’s A New Earth. Thick at any age, Jeremiah’s 11 years have embraced it with wisdom and we both have been noticing our own and each other’s egos. It’s been fun to lovingly, jokingly point things out to each other and my own ego examination is helping me sort through my callings and life’s work. My hope for Jeremiah is that he can grow into an adult who makes good, clean decisions that come from his higher self ~ come to think of it that’s the hope for me too! He has taken Tolle’s teachings fairly easily and matter of factly though I believe he could re-read them down the road and they would open new levels in him.

Our home spiritual practice this month is to keep a daily service record. I believe we are always in service ~ especially if we act mindfully with heart. So we are being aware of how we are in service to ourselves, each other, others in our family & community & with the earth. Yes bigger service projects like clothing drives and feeding the hungry are wonderful and beautiful acts of service but what’s doable for us this month is small acts close to home as well as being in service to our songs and producing the In Our Hands CD ~ finally! Yippee!

Our New Thought Families website focus this month is on Service & Giving. The daily pray & play calendar is In Our Hands which features some fun hand graphics, reflective & playful ideas in writing accompanied by song clips for each day’s interactive, interfaith, intergenerational messages. We also have 2 wonderful, real world, student project ebooks that speak to Service; How We Help & Johnny Appleseed are downloadable pdfs that have pictures as well as video books embedded in the pdfs. Check them out & let us know what you think!!

Here’s a music video with a song from our upcoming (really!) CD, In Our Hands that speaks to both Service & Transformation. Here’s Plant Our Planet:



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