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Tethering To The Truth

Namaste this Mindful Monday ~where in my time zone we are indeed still Monday in the 5:00 hour ~ the perfectionist in me has to point this out because in the Word Press World, this is now a Mindful Tuesday. Ego? Integrity? Truth? What if any of it matters in the least?! I guess if I want the numbers to line up, I have to switch it up in my routine ~ a Mindful Sunday here makes for a Mindful Monday out there! Indeed, the world and each of us is changed ‘small after small.’

Our June focus on Truth & Transformation has been revealing ~ be careful what you wish for as they say! I have been in a whir of busyness threatening my well-being on many levels but the shining light of truth has prevailed. Now to incorporate this truth throughout all I do and all that I must STOP doing! Whew … talk about a challenge! Our home spiritual practice this month of reading Tolle’s, A New Earth has taken extra discipline and truthfully, we are still at it. Jeremiah says it’s “an amazing read ~ a real eye opener.” We watched  The Shift with our friends from Sophia’s Well Of Wisdom as the June movie. Featuring the wisdom through Wayne Dyer, Jeremiah said, “It was like Tolle but with simpler words.” Interestingly enough, the “shift” refers to an awakening that happens later in life. My question remains, if we raise conscious, awake children, what kind of shifts can they ~ and our whole planet ~ experience as they grow older & wiser?

By week’s end, we are welcoming in a new month and our focus for July is Service & Giving. I will be taking my new awareness’ into practice ~ discerning heart & mind into hands & feet. We have found a local studio and will be back to recording our long-awaited CDs, In Our Hands & Trust What You Hear. I remain prayerfully aligned with the messages these songs bring …

This Mindful Monday Meditation Invitation is to trust the truth in you to guide your hands & feet. How can you serve ~ and why? May we all become ever clearer about what drives us, how we can be purer channels for Love in action and how we can best serve ourselves, each other, our planet and thereby our Holy Creator. We invite you to the site to play & pray everyday with us in our monthly calendars: June Trust Transformation & July In Our Hands.  New Thought Families: Where you’re never too young to pray or too old to play!

I bid you an exhausted adieu tethered with reverence and reference to the one absolute truth I know: There Is No Spot Where God Is Not.
Here’s the music video singing this truth:



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