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Telling The Truth

Namaste this Mindful Monday moment where I am showing up to tell the truth!

I started a ChildSing short summer school job today with the local Kindergarten Bridge Program … I am serving 6 sites with 130 young friends who are transitioning into kindergarten in August. A little boy named Charlie had a classic response this morning to what our emotions can do with change. This was their first day and in the last hour, enters the colorful music lady with her bags of goodies. Charlie wanted no part of it; no instruments or ribbon stick, etc. When we ended with our teddy bears, Charlie would not hold one of those either. We sang about our feelings; happy (Charlie: “ya, right”), sad (lips trembling), scared (tears start flowing), surprised (flood gates are open), tired (boo hoo, “I want to go home!”), back to happy (“WAAAHHHHH!”) Oh, sweet Charlie, we can all relate!

Transition seems up close and personal in this month of graduations. For me personally, ChildSing has been my local work for 6 years and now CA is stopping the school readiness funding I was paid through. So I am putting in more time and energy on my lifetime work of Laurie’s Stories and I find myself in an old, tired pattern of working long hours on some construct in my mind that hasn’t to date been well communicated in the outer world. ~??! I do have a deeper understanding of what is and isn’t and healthy doses of self compassion & forgiveness but the challenge remains to ‘pull it all together’ as they say. The outer reality is that things I had vowed to be working on since January are all in some sort of self imposed ‘crunch’ now while other things have simply fallen by the wayside ~ including some of New Thought Families content like our June News ~and we haven’t read our Tolle book the last few days though we ARE reading it & Jeremiah seems to really be connecting with truth there. ~Wow, what would it have been like to read these teachings when I was 11?! Anyway, my busy-ness has me out of balance yet again and I get to lovingly keep telling myself the truth about it!

The greatest good and deepest truth is found in one of our songs. The seed of who we are is Love. No matter what we do or don’t do, the essence of who we are is who we are. We are Love, the seed of God. Yesterday, Jeremiah & I sang this song at the local Methodist church. We were asked to sing a song honoring the high school graduates. As is my custom, I asked in meditation for the song and this one came. Then, to bring it full circle for the occasion, I added a short bridge, 3rd verse, & altered 3rd chorus and tag. It feels like the song graduated! Here are all the lyrics and you can hear a sample of the original recording on site here.

Seed Of Me C 2006/2011 Laurie Story Vela

In the waterfall, flows the dream of the sea
In the tiny acorn grows the mighty oak tree
Inside the seed of anything is the essence it’ll be
In my heart and my soul, lives the seed of me

I feel the seed of Love that is me
I feed it kindness and see its beauty
I give and receive abundantly
Knowing and growing,
knowing and growing,
knowing and growing
the seed of Love that is me

The waterfall says yes to the sea
The acorn never thinks, “I won’t be a tree.”
The seed doesn’t doubt the essence it’ll be
In my heart and my soul, grows the seed of me


God planted the seeds of you & me
The essence we are is the seed of Thee

Like the waterfall, now you flow to the sea.
Once a tiny acorn, now you’re God’s mighty tree.
The seed of you is the essence you’ll always be
In your heart and your soul, grows the seed of Thee

Chorus ~ YOU feel the seed …

 In Life’s holy flow, you know and you grow
The seed of Love that is Thee …

In our ongoing opening to Truth & Transformation this month, last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to notice the small shifts in consciousness; watch your thoughts & (non) reactions! This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to  tell the truth! Use lots of compassion & forgiveness as necessary but do yourself the favor of being fully present & truthful. Our play & pray everyday intergenerational, multi-media June calendar is on site featuring frogs & butterflies, David Tralle music & Laurie & Jeremiah narration: Trust The Truth To Transform! In the awakening transformation of us being & doing our best for ourselves, each other & our holy Creator, may we all  tell the truth and fully listen!

The Seed Of Me is the Seed Of Thee!
We are the Seed Of Thee!


Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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