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Trusting Transformation

Namaste this 1st Mindful Monday in June where it is cold & rainy here in our ‘should be’ sunny No CA neck of the woods!

Well nature is always the one to remind us that we are not in charge; water flows, the weather just is … and little boys grow up. Jeremiah walked in the door last Friday afternoon and announced, “You are now looking at a 6th grader.” (Dun dun dun!) And so it is. Since turning 11 in February, Jeremiah has displayed many changes in his transformation towards adulthood. I now fully understand ‘tween’; one minute he is a little boy wanting “mommy” and the next a cool, even, dare I say sometimes surly, (pre)teen. The changes puzzle even him at times. Thankfully, we are both aware, loving and trusting. Transformations are aplenty in this life ~ so I simply keep aligning with their beauty & gifts, trusting the uncertainty. And when I’m not aligned, I (still!) eat too much sugar. Arrgh!

Our summer is underway even if Mother Nature is still doing winter! As reported last week, we are reading Tolle’s A New Earth together and it’s going pretty well. It became evident this is not a book for reading at bedtime, too thick for that! So we are making timing adjustments. And I did have to catch my breath a bit when Jeremiah commented about how interesting it was that I could read that book and not change more. When I asked him what it was he thought he would see change exactly, he didn’t have an answer. The conversation then turned to how our thoughts change first, and often slowly, and outer circumstance can be the last thing to show up. I have often wondered about the consciousness of the caterpillar/butterfly and the tadpole/frog. How much shifts within them in accordance to their radical outer shifts?! Perhaps they go through stages like child, tween, teen, and adult too or perhaps they are simply rooted in who they are however they are ~ at one with the leaf they eat as the twig they later land on. We have a cool new page on site featuring a few awesome metamorphosis You Tube videos found here.

Our Mindful Meditation Invitation last week was to let your intuition guide you into more of the truth of who you are & to trust what you hear! The Mindful Meditation Invitation for this week is to notice the small shifts in consciousness; watch your thoughts & (non) reactions! Our play & pray everyday intergenerational, multi-media June calendar is available featuring frogs & butterflies, David Tralle music & Laurie & Jeremiah narration:  Trust The Truth To Transform! And in the spirit of all the small changes, here’s one of our title track songs in video, Small After Small:



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