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Remembering Reverence

Namaste this Memorial Mindful Monday!

Today is the day in America to reverently remember all the veterans who served in our country’s wars and especially those who have lost their lives. We send a prayer of honor & comfort out to all those souls & their families who lost them. Memorial Day is also a day to remember ALL those who have gone before us so we reverently remember our ancestors. My soon to be 86-year-old dad took flowers to the cemetary yesterday for the occasion. He mindfully took fresh flowers saying “The old people wanted fresh flowers, not fake!” For him, reverence lies in the fresh flowers. I took some flowers out today myself, but in a much different way … in my morning meditation, I prayerfully used my imagination to greet & honor many of the ancestors with gratitude & ‘flowers’. Flowers are indeed a perfect symbol of reverence as they embody beauty & Love, the essence of life itself.

Jeremiah & I are enJOYing a quiet day at home today in the unseasonably cold temperatures as we gear up for this week of transition. It is Jeremiah’s last week of school & 5th grade; he will begin his summer drama camp next Monday & finish his baseball season next week too. My local ChildSing grant has ended and I have new work coming together. Both websites are changing over for the new month/summer. Our spiritual home practice focus is transitioning from Imagination & Intuition to Trust & Transformation. The practice I had proposed for this month didn’t hold together too well; see our video posted in the May 3rd Mindful Monday. Because everything always happens for good reason, we will be integrating some of that May practice right into June. To utilize imagination & especially intuition, trust is an important tool. As it turns out, transformation can also employ healthy doses of integrating imagination & intuition. In nature, transformations unfold so … well, naturally or so it seems. Trees drop their leaves, grow new ones, blossom flowers & fruit. Tadpoles turn into frogs, caterpillars into butterflies. Humans? Well, we grow along too of course, the inches & feet come to our young, the wrinkles & gray hair come to the old ~ often with a few mid-life rolls in-between! But transformation in the spiritual sense goes way beyond inches & wrinkles. Many New Thought thinkers & Law Of Attraction proponents advocate visualizing the changes we want in our lives because after all,  as Descartes’ cogito asserts,  “I think, therefore I am.” In Tolle’s A New Earth, he posits that the inner existence is who we truly are … the I Am between the thoughts. So, as we explore Trust, Truth & Transformation this June, Jeremiah & I will be still calling on our Imaginations & Intuitions as we open up to more Truth with lots of Trust. We will be reading A New Earth together, out loud this month. My 11-year-old is very well read & spiritually sound so intuitively I feel we will both have a transformative experience in (re)reading this book together. If so or if not, I’ll let you know!

Our Mindful Meditation Invitation last week was to create inner space to integrate intuition & this week the invitation is to let your intuition guide you into more of the truth of who you are ~ trust what you hear!  Our play & pray everyday intergenerational, multi-media calendar will be changing over this week: Get Into It: Imagine & Intuit~Pray & Play May Calendar is up for 2 more days. Check the home page at New Thought Families to link to our June calendar which is still loading: Trust The Truth To Transform!
And in Reverent Remembrance, we offer the following images set to our “We Have Faith” song in a video we produced now 3 years ago. Mindful Memorial Day to you!



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