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Integrating Intuition

Namaste Beloved Blog Readers! This Mindful Monday has us home from the Bahamas and heading off shortly for Jeremiah’s baseball game. We’ve actually been back now for five full days but I find my mind & certain parts of my body in a bit of resistance to not being on vacation. What I believe is that beyond the beautiful, no stress beach experience, I am seeking more integration and balance of being into my doing world. I think I really, finally got the art & beauty of truly being … at least while on vacation … now to integrate it in the work-a-day world I live in!

Jeremiah has taken to stopping and calling for silence as he breathes in his moment of “insta-calm”. When we’re walking, he’ll say, “Stop! Just listen.” In the prayer chair, “Stop talking! Listen! Ahhh… insta-calm!” Yes, we can stop walking & talking for these moments of “inta-calm”! In the silent surrender, peace prevails. And in silent space, we invite our intuition or divine inner wisdom more presence, more room to be felt, to be heard. The divine flow is always there but so often we are too busy to take notice.

One way to activate our intuition is simply to invite it in with or without a specific question. On one of my Bahama beach walks last week, I asked my sweet Spirit of divine wisdom, “How can I best be of service?” Then I walked & listened. After some time, what surfaced were the 2 CDs that were in studio production in June 2008 and then again in June 2009. Though many of the songs are on the site and in videos, the CDs have not been completed due to a myriad of production challenges & flaws. Now, I have produced somewhere around 30 CDs over the years; all simple, ‘down & dirty’ recordings of (Laurie’s Stories) spoken word & music. All simply produced, far from perfect but on purpose. These latest CDs were quite a different experience for me and definitely now fall in the realm of unfinished business. Still, I haven’t thought of them too much this year and it all came on full force that day on the beach. I questioned my wisdom of course, “Isn’t that selfish?” “Shouldn’t I being serving in a different way?” etc. Yet in practicing presence, non-judgement & open flow, I found faith, hope & enthusiasm smiling at me. June 2011 ~?!

Integrating intuition into our every day experiences is as easy as setting an intention and creating (silent) space for wisdom to surface. Our Mindful Meditation Invitation this week is to do just that. Below is a picture I took of the last morning’s sunrise in the Bahamas. By using the ZOOM lens on my little Cannon Powershot, the brilliant oranges appeared. I did not tweak in PhotoShop at all. You can see more Bahamas pictures linked on my Facebook page ~Laurie Story Vela (can’t fugure out the Facebook links!) as well as pics from our Peace Rocks Project. For a musical meditation, visit our Quietude page; there’s a free mp3 of When Spirit Says. This song was recorded for 1 of the CDs, Trust What You Hear. Never mind the buzzing guitar, see if the musical message helps you find “insta-calm” and/or our Mindful Meditation Invitation to create inner space to integrate intuition. EnJOY your week and do play & pray with us everyday in our intergenerational, multi-media calendar:
Get Into It: Imagine & Intuit
Pray & Play May Calendar!

Bahamas Sunrise!


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