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Insta-Calm Inspiration

~Written Sacred Sunday for Mindful Monday~
Glorious greetings from the Bahamas! Today was our 4th full day having arrived last Wednesday afternoon. Day by day, it is easier to truly be in the now without the dirty laundry distractions of life that keep this mama forever multi-tasking in the ‘real world’. I noticed that my first 2 days of beach walking, I would think about picking up any trash I saw but felt somehow unable~ told myself I would get a bag next time to really do it right! By day 3, I was happy to pick up what I could, happy to be of service. Miscellaneous balloon ribbons, plastic cup or bottle … joy in my refreshed, rejuvenated, willing hands. Ah, inspiration; to be in spirit!

This has been the perfect backdrop ~ in more ways than one ~ for me to read Tolle’s The New Earth. Juxtaposed to the drinking & frolicking that many do
at this all inclusive resort, it is at once the perfect & yet the seemingly alien teachings to be absorbing here in bikini land. I have enJOYed a few pina coladas with coconut rum but mostly have just been savoring the lazy days, beach walks & swimming. Jeremiah is enJOYing his dad time, swimming & playing games like on the life size chess board. When Jeremiah awoke this morning, he said in a sleepy, dreamy voice, “Waking up to the sounds of the wind & waves, puts me in insta-calm!” Love it! Now! Here & now, insta-calm, in spirit inspiration. Though the me who is still unable to be fully 100% in the now, is already planning to pack some insta-calm to take home, the beautiful truth is that being in spirit now stays with us always!

Down the beach, there is an old church structure I have wanted to check out. Jeremiah’s dad, Daniel, discovered there is a Baptist church there ~ meeting in a newer structure further in. Daniel wanted us to go to today’s Sunday service so we did. There was a lot of energy there; they lovingly welcomed us and we
participated as fully as we could. The main challenge for us was the volume of the music in that little chapel. Amplified bass guitars and vocal mics were
booming so that we quickly stuffed our ears with tissue in order to be able to stay. The volume stayed high throughout the 2 hour service which was attended by 40 something people; 1/3 in the choir and 1/3 children. I felt bad for the little 4 or 5 year old boy’s ears but was admittedly quite amused by the in spirit antics he played with his lollipop during the long service. What was Jeremiah’s summation of our experience? “This was not one of dad’s best ideas.” My take was that there was plenty of good folk God energy there, an honor to witness their in spirit inspiration, a good God experience though a noisy one. In the end, the church of the day was our insta-calm space right here!

Also, briefly, here’s an aha that I’ve had about our home spiritual practice with intuition & imagination this month. Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation to practice the flow of the I’s in everyday life/challenges intermingled with the travel, vacation & New Earth book, have all shown me more & more of the flow. And how practicing a doing like daily creative writing has purpose, the real flow is heightened & highlighted in the being. Our capacity to imagine & intuit is in the insta-calm available to us any & every moment. Tolle refers to Presence; practicing presence as the first step in breaking free from ego & the pain body into the awakening of a new state of consciousness.

This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to more fully awaken to the ever present presence of imagination & intuition. In this moment, imagine
you are here with us in the Bahamas. There is plenty of moonlight on the water this balmy, breezy Sunday evening moment. Intuit what you need or want from the moonlight, the water, the beach, the vacation experience … breathe in insta-calm and enJOY it  … or as Tolle recommends, just presence it ~
whatever it is for you ~ even just for this one moment ‘away’ right here, right now!

We also invite you to play & pray with us everyday in our intergenerational, multi-media calendar: Get Into It: Imagine & Intuit Pray & Play May CalendarBe with us for daily moments  in spirit!

And here’s our If I Were A Bug music video that incorporates some cool real life pictures with imaginative wonderings into the how it would be to be a bug. The flow of intuition would allow (Tolle’s) Presence of bug with no story or wonderings but the imaginative voice allows for some fun as well as in spirit compassion. See & sing it for yourself!



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