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Intuit Into It!

Mindful Mother Monday!
I figure if there can be Easter Monday, why not Mother Monday?! And while we’re at it, let’s center in the Mother’s Day everyday mentality! We live green to make every day Earth Day so let’s live appreciation of each other everyday! Oh, the gift of mindfulness!

This weekend brought many joys ~ Mother’s Day celebrations & otherwise ~ as well as a jolt of mindfulness for both Jeremiah & I … For any of you that follow the website, you know that we have a home spirituality practice that shifts focus each month. This May, we are centered in our awareness & practice of Imagination & Intuition which is so fun, especially when we center in our creative capacities and live the flow! But opportunities for true practice often show up when we’re not paying attention! You know, the rubber hits the road in the middle of hurry & scurry & the ‘To Do List’ factor. And hence, this week’s story & mindful meditation invitation unfolds …

Last week brought beautiful, warm spring weather with even some 90 degree temperatures … perfect for digging out summer clothes, seeing what fits (for both of us!) and packing for the Bahamas trip which starts tomorrow. It was also the week Jeremiah had his big 5th grade class project of state reports so there was extra time spent with that in-between ball games, school, work, et al. That project culminated just today with his oral report & the warm Philly Cheesesteaks I made & brought to class. So, I digress, but the point is that in the midst of the usual busyness & Mother’s Day celebrations on Sunday, our Saturday “To Do List” felt that much longer! Top of the list, Jeremiah’s haircut. His barbershop with Ed & Steve is 10 miles away but when we arrived within the posted Saturday hours, they were closed. They’re closed Sunday & Monday too & this evening is a ballgame anyway soooooooooooo what?! As we drove down the hill towards the grocery store, I set an intention and asked Divine Inner Wisdom ~ Intuition~ to put a barber in our path/consciousness. Jeremiah was drifting off to sleep. Whamo! There it was, the sign said, “$10 Haircuts”. There we go! I smiled, same price as Ed & Steve, right here on the way …. perfect! Jeremiah did not share my sentiments. Groggy & half asleep, he blinked into the realization of what I was saying. It was indeed a barbershop but there were 2 Asian ladies cutting hair, not even close to the Ed & Steve that Jeremiah calls home. He was adamant about not going in. I was equally convinced that he was going in. After stating my reasons several times to his stone wall, “No way!” I finally said, “Ok then, what other answer do you suggest? Where else should we go?” His answer that the haircut could wait another week or 2 was unacceptable to me. So I got out of the car and held his door open. He finally surrendered and got out of the car but in so doing did something that shocked us both. He whispered a bad name. “What did you call me?”, I asked incredulously. He told me and we both looked at each other with a bit of shock, amusement & confusion. He then got into the barber chair and received one of the worst hair cuts ever. Seriously, you or I could have done better by the boy. Turns out, that was his “punishment” and mine too! But here’s the point of the story through the lens of our current spiritual practice: what if we had worked together to really visualize a harmonious situation, great haircut & price, ease & grace ~ all of it and then employed our intuitions to lead us to such a place?! As it was, I had called out to my intuition who delivered perfectly but God is in the details and I had left all of those details out of the (non) picture! Jeremiah was innocently asleep on the job & unconscious to the process. We both got frustrated with each other and he called me a name. We both were able to be in our loving, forgiving hearts after the fact which is good but the best is to stay conscious & loving through every bit of it. We agree that name calling is not allowed and that forcing situations isn’t agreeable either. And lucky for me, my boy can shrug off a bad haircut MUCH easier than I can!

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to be open to the flow of Spirit through intuition & imagination. We repeat the invitation with the added focus of applying these wonderful assets to some challenging situation(s)! We also invite you to play & pray with us everyday in our intergenerational, multi-media calendar:
Get Into It: Imagine & Intuit
Pray & Play May Calendar!

And here’s our Open Flow music video that speaks to the flow of intuition.
We taped this on the banks of the beautiful Mokleumne River near here a few seasons ago ~ EnJOY!



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