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Hear Here!

This first May Monday nearly slipped away as here I am gearing towards bed and remembered the blog! Now, my integrity is on the line as WordPress is on a different time zone so this will show up as a Mindful TUESDAY Post ~ Ye Gads! Well, for any ONE out there who might care, know that I AM HERE this Mindful Monday!! And for any of you who are here too ~ whatever day you are here ~ thank you, thank you!

This last week has given way to many baseball hours with Jeremiah stepping in to a new position of catcher, a full calendar of ChildSing Song Circles that was essentially the season finale and quite probably the end of an era, and a wave of new content being produced for New Thought Families in keeping with our new theme for May, Intuition & Imagination. The thread in all of it is staying devoted to my commitments while being wide open to birthing the new that wants to come forward. The biggest challenge is in maintaining health & energy in the midst of my (over)commitments!  On tired days like today, I reach for extra doses of compassion & self forgiveness. It is true that our greatest blessings can sometimes be our biggest burdens. For me, my creative mind & often driven spirit leaves me exhausted at times wondering if it is, after all, just my ego running the show. I sit here now with so much to say ~ Intuition & Imagination & our new home spiritual practice with that this month, the current news of the death of Osama Bin Laden & our continued cultural paradigm of redemptive violence, what I learned of the latter concept as a participant in the AGNT’s Peace TeleSummit Calls & recapped over the weekend for that series, how the pink dogwood still beautifies our home smiling pink through many of our windows, our trip back to the Bahamas next week … whew! Aren’t you exhausted now too??!! It really is (past) time for bed! At least now I can go to bed knowing I showed up here this Mindful Monday even if it were only to check in & invite you to intuit & imagine with us this month at New Thought Families. I will also testify that sleep is an important aid in fueling mind, body, Spirit, emotions, imaginations and even intuitions!

So let me set our Mindful Monday/Tuesday Meditation Invitation for the week …. to be open to the flow of Spirit through intuition & imagaination. Here’s our Home Spiritual Practices Video on the subject:

You can also explore intuition & imagination on our daily Play & Pray Calendar narrated by Jeremiah & I with beautiful music by David Tralle.



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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