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Blooming Beginnings

Happy Easter Monday! Happy blooming beginnings! Renewal is a fresh focus available each day but feels especially promising after the Spirit Rising celebration of Easter. Our holiday weekend was full of blessings and hope yours was too! Or should I say, I hope you were aware of the blessings that surely were there?! And that you were even able to give grateful yessings to all your blessings, even the ones that maybe didn’t feel like blessings …
We did indeed bury our little finned friend, Theta Feta Beta last week. We left her at the foot of a beautiful redwood tree in our yard with some words of gratitude, prayers and the Amazing Grace song. I think I was more vested than Jeremiah who quiped, “She always liked you better.” I guess there was a difference; I seemed to love her & dote on her more in a way that didn’t call to Jeremiah even though the fish was his birthday gift from Aunt Elaine. And because I loved Theta, I do still miss her from the point of me that is attached to physical outcome. In the bigger sense, the Love exists as a gift that outlives her physical presence.
Good Friday or Holy Friday was also Earth Day this year which brought to mind for me the many crucifications our dear Earth Mother has endured, indeed continues to suffer through. We honored her in a wonderful singing celebration ~ a house concert in Piedmont. Jeremiah & I had a wonderful set with our big screen visuals that had the room rockin’ with voices & percussion. We shared the night with singer-songwriter Nancy Cassidy who is great and she had 2 super musicans with her. The whole event brought many holy awakenings for me … along the lifetime theme I seem to be living with the question of why we do what we do and where to do it~ In thinking of Jesus and the Holy Week story ending in crucification & ressurection … he did what he was called to do and said yes to every bit of it. In the yessing, came the blessings. I had invited Nancy Cassidy to share the House Concert with us upon hearing that we would be promoting it ourselves … she lives in the area and we don’t. She & her friends are fabulous but truthfully, I mostly invited her for her “list” ~ or so I thought! On the holy day of, we considered cancelling due to very low ticket sales but thankfully, we all said YES and our yessings truly did bring blessings! The small group that was there REALLY had a powerful, vibration lifting time! No one came from Nancy’s list but she herself & her musicians were awesome as performers and as audience. Our friends Karene & Don took us down there in their earth friendly green prius and Karene, who is soon to be ordained as an Interfaith Minister, felt as I did that there certainly was a Spirit Rising in that room in our honoring & celebrating our Earth Mama with singing salutations. Yessings for the Blessings! We stayed the night at Karene & Don’s and we all went to Chico on Saturday to see our New Thought Families yogi Keith. I have to say again, thank you God & thank you all who prayed including Silent Unity ~ for Keith truly is a walking talking miracle! To come back to life so fully after being in a coma … a new blooming beginning to be sure. We came home Saturday evening and I prepared what turned out to be a lovely, love filled Easter Sunday brunch for 5 of our family elders here complete with Easter bunny treats for all and an egg hunt for Jeremiah! I must say, we were in (church) service here though I still do miss (church) community. We are still invloved with our local Methodist church but as Jeremiah puts it, “Easter is the time we sort of part ways”. Our Spirit Rising view of Easter is definitely a variation of their sacrifice for sins observance. Part of the Sutter Creek Methodists tradition is to have all the congrgants fill the cross with fresh flowers. Flowers are the ultimate sign of life’s beauty & capacity for resurrection.

Currently, an exquisite pink dogwood tree is gracing my views. This is what I see to my left as I’m sitting at my computer:

Right outside my window!
Blooming Beginnings right outside my window!

And on the floor below, I see the tree right from my bed beckoning in full bloom!:

Blloming as I sleep!
Blloming as I sleep!

In Tolle’s “A New Earth” book, he begins by talking of the evolution of flowers. He speaks of how the planet existed for millions of years with vegetation but not flowers and then, through the evolving awakening to beauty, flowers were born with that purpose. Emerson said, “God laughs in flowers.” Truly, flowers are a call to our higher nature or as Tolle puts it, they speak to us of our connection with the ethereal realm.

In our focus on faith & forgiveness this month, I am viewing my flower friends from this perspective. We have had a relatively cold, wet spring here and yet the flowers all accept their time to bloom and shine no matter what! Perhaps they employ forgiveness and even faith but chances are, they transcend any need for things to be different or “right”, they just show up and bloom beautifully!

So that is my mindful mission too. Because again, in the bigger sense,  Love exists as a gift that outshines any physical circumstances. I choose Love. I choose blooming beginnings today and every day. This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to bloom daily by flowing your yessings to all your blessings! If you haven’t looked this month, take a peak at our featured Forgiveness & Faith pages onsite with musical medley’s & other multi-media delights. Our Play & Pray  Flow Forgiveness & Faith Every Day  Calendar  is still flowing waterfalls & real nature sounds with Laurie Story & Jeremiah narration this week. By next Mindful Monday, we will have moved our focus to May’s celebration of Imagination & Intuition (really!). Jeremiah & I both will be sharing lots of both so stay fine tuned.
Read our free Joy Boy Series E Book, Faith Filled Footsteps:

Joy Boy Pic
Earth Girl & Water Mother in Faith Filled Footsteps

Thanks so much for being on this path of conscious living with us. You are a blessing and we appreciate your yessing in being here! Namaste.



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