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Holy Week Whisperings

Namaste this Mindful Monday!
I greet you this Monday before Easter with whisperings of wisdom, wistful wishes, and woeful wonderings … the news of the day from our New Thought home, is that our little finned friend, Theta Feta Beta is dead today. After her come back a few weeks ago, she was happy & healthy it seemed. But after her trip to grandma’s with Jeremiah last week while I was away, she was again languishing and wouldn’t eat. Then, this morning she turned vertical in the bowl, nose down, tail up and no sign of  life … I always thought that fish floated on the top …. well, the wisdom whispers of letting go, letting God & divine order in all things. The wistful wishes get mired in the ego trip of, “should of, could of, would of” with the woeful wonderings of “why?”. Truth is, I/we like divine order a lot better when it is “successful” and little Theta’s death can seem like a failure. But any death, even that of Jesus, can be seen in so many ways. A failure on the part of humanity, a triumph for those who see the purpose of  his crucification as the salvation of humanity. I myself have many mixed interpretations on the life and death of our little finned friend. If she has another miraculous return from the dead, I’ll be sure to let you know! If I have any stunning ahas about her short lived presence in our family, I’ll let you know that too!

In this month’s focus on faith & forgiveness, it has clearly surfaced that judgement and non-judgement are the keys to holding the space of forgiveness and faith. The need to forgive is based on the judgement that something/someone is wrong. Letting go of judgement allows forgiveness to be, indeed to thrive. Faith lives in the arms of acceptance, aka non-judgement. Yet, even where we live and breathe faith, we are filled with judgements!

Yesterday was the glorious celebration of Palm Sunday:
Jesus symbolizes our I AM identity. His going up to Jerusalem means our taking the last step in unfoldment preparatory to the final step, when the personality is entirely crucified and the Christ triumps. Jesus riding the ass into Jerusalem means the fulfillment of the time when the spiritual I AM within us takes control and lifts all the animal forces up to the spiritual plane of mastery, purity, peace.  ~Charles Fillmore

When we embrace the spiritual truth of our I Am, all of our own every day miracles come into focus and our every day challenges take perspective. I am once again in the struggle to embrace Jeremiah’s baseball season when I know all I have to do is release judgements and embrace, allow, accept what is. This little lesson really goes for everything …. birth and death and all that lies inbetween!
So this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to fully accept the I Am presence within us … in knowing and growing the truth of who we are!

Join us on the site for an Easter Blessing Cyber Hunt and the song, Rise Up Spirit!

Easter Blessings!
Easter Blessings!

Also visit our Flow Forgiveness & Faith Play & Pray April Calendar at New Thought Families featuring flowing waterfalls & real nature sounds with Laurie Story & Jeremiah narration! We are in the flow!! And so are you! Namaste.



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2 thoughts on “Holy Week Whisperings

  1. Thank you for all your gentle, always loving, wisdom, reminding us of our connections, with little Theta, with Jesus and with our own true selves.

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