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Faith Follows Forgiveness!

Namaste this Mindful Monday!
April 11th already ~ and this New Thought Mama is getting plenty of self forgiveness this month especially in the realm of being perpetually “behind”. That is to say, some things on the To Do List from April 1 are still undone this April 1+1! So for any who are following the website, our fresh April videos from our home practices as well as the April newsletter *should* make it live before the next mindful Monday!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, it’s a perfect seque into this Monday’s Mindful matter of what we believe, how we can often soften our beliefs/judgements with forgiveness and how that brings us back to faith full circle everytime. For instance, if I believe my over-comitments are wrong, this belief puts me in a state of disharmony with my actions and life. If I take stock of what doesn’t work well in my life with all the comittments and forgive myself for making them in the first place, then faith brings me home to Love and acceptance evey time ~ as well as bring the cneeded clarity to shift the comittments. I hope that makes sense because, truthfully, I don’t have time to make it any clearer ~ tee hee ~ I do have a plane to catch in a few hours. Ahhhh, breathe.

One month ago today was the tsunami and also our friend Keith’s brain anuerysm. I can only speak to the latter for the power of belief and Love … sprinkled with forgiveness, compassion and definitely prayer. One month ago, Keith was in a coma and today he is out of the hospital with most of his body functioning how it was before! Similarly, our little fish, Theta Feta Beta was literally a floater for days, all but dead, and now she is a happy, healthy fish! Rise up Spirit! In the Christian Easter tradition of Lazerus being raised from the dead at Jesus’ hand and Jesus himself ascending at God’s hand, we have the spiritual teaching of miracles manifesting out of belief, out of Love. Forgiveness does play into both of these biblical stories; Martha & Mary had to put their judgement aside upon seeing Jesus as they believed it was too late for him to save their brother ~ they thought he should have come sooner. When asked to believe, they did, and the miracle occured. And of course, Jesus is famous in his dying words, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Forgiveness appears in many forms, among them are surrender and acceptance. In letting go & letting God, we are able to embrace forgiveness, seeing & believing in the divine order of ALL. When we do this with large or tiny aspects of life, our faith is naturally strengthened. Well, as I dance out the door to do some Laurie Story shows out of state, I embrace the divine order of all and vow to keep celebrating & forgiving myself every step of the way ~ this evening I will miss Jeremiah’s first baseball game of the season ~ ouch! So he gets to practice forgiveness and faith as well …

Last week’s mindful meditation invitation was to use compassion with yourself & others to employ nonjudgement & forgiveness. This week’s mindful meditation invitation is to keep up that practice and notice how it brings you back full circle with faith. Thank you for being in the flow of faith with us here ~ we celebrate you!

EnJOY our music video,  Ask In Faith:

Join us for our Flow Forgiveness & Faith Play & Pray April Calendar at New Thought Families featuring flowing waterfalls & real nature sounds with Laurie Story & Jeremiah narration! It’s a celebration! And so are you! Namaste.



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