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Forgiveness Follows Faith!

April Greetings! This Monday brings news of our new month’s focus at New Thought Families. With this, I must admit to being an ‘April Fool’  in last Monday’s post by announcing our April theme as Intuition & Imagination. I am quite excited & delighted with that theme but it is slated for May in our 2011 Co-Creating Heaven calendar. The premise of each month’s focus is that by tending to the gifts by heightening our awareness & actions, we are cultivating more of each virtue/practice and thereby co-creating more of our earthly heaven for ourselves, our homes and even the planet.

Soooooooooooo, we are priming the pump for imagination & intuition with forgiveness and faith! We are asking our intuitive guidance to help us forgive anything we need to from the present or the past. And we are affirming our faith with a little help from our imagination to see & believe. And yes, I forgive myself for being confused and have faith that it is all in divine order!

Last month’s focus on compassion & peace came with lots of opportunities to have compassion and lots of gifts in the form of the peace that passeth understanding. Our little finned  friend Theta Feta Beta escaped her dance with death & is once again a happy, peaceful fish. Our friend Keith has been moved from the hospital in San Francisco to the one in Chico and is in deep gratitude & peace with his recovery process ~ as am I! There are various trials for us & other loved ones in our family that invite compassion. But what I am reminded of as our practice turns to forgiveness & faith … is the essential act of non-judgement. Through non-judgement, we can peacefully side-step so much pain. To help us at home, we are using a phrase I learned sometime back through Insight seminars, “I forgive myself for judging myself as _____” or “I forgive myself for judging you as ___________”. You see, it is often not so much the story we are telling but our assessment of it. If I have something about me~ my body, finances, relationships, you name it, it is more likely to change if I hold the awareness with unconditional Love & acceptance rather than judgement. By forgiving the judgement, it releases the emotional stronghold and makes way for the power of Love. I have seen & felt the positive effects of this for myself and for (now 11 year old) Jeremiah. Try it yourself here & now with the first thing that pops in your head: I forgive myself for _____________. I forgive myself for judging myself for ____________. Do you feel a wave of softness, tenderness, compassion & Love with the second statement? I do! And would love to hear if it works for you ~ and your kids!

Today is the commemorative anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. whose life still has such a positive effect on so many more than 40 years later! He was, without doubt, a man of faith & a man of Love. He employed forgiveness everyday based on his faith and in so doing was a force for peace that impacted generations to come. The famous dying words of Jesus were all about forgiveness & faith, “Forgive them father for they know not what they do.” In upcoming Monday Mindful Matters, we will look some more at divine order, radical forgiveness from Colin Tipping and atonement.  Last week’s mindful meditation invitation was to see how you could cultivate compassion. This week’s mindful meditation invitation is to use that compassion with yourself & others to emply nonjudgement & forgiveness. Try the above forgiveness statement! The big bonus for forgiveness is, of course, freedom! Thank you for being in the flow of faith with us here ~ we appreciate you!

EnJOY our music/spoken word video,  celebrating the Freedom of Forgiveness:

Join us for our Flow Forgiveness & Faith Play & Pray April Calendar at New Thought Families featuring flowing waterfalls & real nature sounds with Laurie Story & Jeremiah narration! It’s a celebration! And so are you! Namaste.



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