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Compassion Communication

Happy Spring! The spring equinox dawned in our part of the world in the midst of a howling, holy storm that had us without power part of the weekend. Our greening hills, brilliant daffodils, and blossoming trees are bowing their heads to the cold, cold rain & snow leaving me feeling compassion for them & ever affirming divine order. This past week was our Spring Break week and our trip with Jeremiah’s dad to the Bahamas was cancelled. We mostly stayed home & relaxed some which felt good. I did take a trip to SanFrancisco to see our friend and New Thought Families supporter Keith. The 12 hour trip gave me 2 hours at the hospital & for 1 hour 45 minutes I sang for & with Keith in his ICU room. On Tsunami Friday 3/11, Keith suffered a brain aneurysm and was air lifted to SF. When I saw him, he was wired everywhere, even a drainage tube from his head. He couldn’t speak much or tell the nurse what year it was but he could SING! He actually sang some as well as slept some and smiled a lot during our little private ICU concert. Apparently music is kept in a different part of the brain from language & logic ~ isn’t THAT amazing?! When I spoke to Keith & showed him some of the colorful things I’d brought him, he was responsive but not engaged. When I sang, he was much more connected whether he was singing a long or not. It was indeed a holy honor to minister to him in this way … a man who has been such a support to me & to New Thought Families. I’m glad to say my initial selfish feelings of loss seemed to have been prayed away. We are holding Keith in prayer as are many including Silent Unity. The prayer line at Silent Unity is so wonderful, if you ever need an open compassionate heart to pray with, 1-800-Now-Pray. Thank you Silent Unity & thank You God! There have been so many instances of compassion in this experience; those I’ve felt & those I’ve witnessed. Keith’s nurse Tracy was so much compassion in action! It was a blessing to be in the presence of so much compassionate care. I will be going back sometime soon with Jeremiah for another “concert” and for today and the days between, I am comforted with the gift of prayer. This week, I also received an email from my brother officially writing off the whole family. I have been praying for my brother for a long time for his pain & alcoholic haze. Again, I was comforted to release this communication into God’s loving care of compassion. Whether it personal or global like for those in Japan, and all those who suffer in this world, we can always pray. And that’s a wonderful gift of compassion.
This week, I have also been pondering what feels like compassion for God. Yes, for God. Keeper of divine order in all things, heart & ears & receptor to all prayers, all suffering. On St. Patty’s day, Jeremiah & I went out to eat with grandpa. In the booth next to us were 5 local Christian pastors. There were having a passionate, in-depth discussion about “the enemy”. There were numerous accounts as evidence of the presence of this enemy. There was not one suggestion that this ‘enemy’ is nothing more than our humanness which shows up as selfishness, greed, lust. And even all of those terms seem harsh in the eyes of compassion. We are all hungry for Love and that hunger sometimes shows up in ways that can harm ourselves & others. I couldn’t help wonder what God’s view of the conversation would be; how God would interpret these ‘men of God’ and their fierce battle with ‘the enemy’. What an amazing Creator we have that shines pure, unconditional, compassionate Love on all of us, all the time. Last week’s mindful meditation invitation was to let compassion bring peace to ourselves & others. I truly felt the blessing of this yessing and hope you did too. This week’s mindful meditation invitation is to pray compassion as a global comfort to any & all fear. If you find fear arise personally, let compassion comfort you. And let us comfort all beings & the planet itself  through the communication of compassion.
We return to this month’s featured song, Plant Our Planet:

Music Video, Plant Our Planet:
Plant Our Planet  Practice awareness, compassion & peace with us everyday at New Thought Families! Our Play & Pray Plant Seeds Everyday  March Calendar blends multi-media color & fun with mindful moments. The Season Of Peace runs through March:  we have brief multi-media moments each day on our 64 Ways In 64 Days Calendar for the Season Of Peace & NonViolence. You can also  play interactive Name That Peacemaker games!



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