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Naturally Nourishing Compassion

This past week offered many opportunities for practicing our mindful meditation invitation to let Love guide with caring compassion. Of course, the huge, global message delivered in Japan and our own personal life dramas here at home. All of it a testimony to life & Love’s mystery & the constant invitation to embrace each moment, each day as the precious gift it is. Compassion is an essential part of who we are & naturally surfaces in the wake of a tragedy like the tsunami.
Jeremiah had a large opportunity this week that he came through with amazing ease & grace! During the lunch recess basketball game, one of his classmate’s shoes flew off so Jeremiah playfully scooped it up & shot it at the basket. The owner of the shoe was not amused & acted with violence, throwing Jeremiah down on the asphalt and yielding a large scrape on my 11 year old’s beautiful face. It gave us much to discuss that evening in our prayer time & this month’s nightly discussion of compassion. I myself had to tether the mother bear wanting to ‘defend’ her cub! We settled on Mr. Roger’s quote that we had already set as our guiding light this month.  I have a very modulated way of dealing with my anger. I have always tried to understand the other person and invariably I’ve discovered that somebody who rubs you the wrong way has been rubbed the wrong way many times. ~ Fred Rogers The next day at school, the boy who had hurt Jeremiah asked him to save his place in line which Jeremiah did. Another classmate was incredulous, “Why would you do that after what he did to you?!” Jeremiah replied, “You have to understand that he’s probably been knocked around a lot, maybe by his older brother.” YES! It is awesome when we can truly practice in motion!
I have my own challenge this week as I am praying for a dear friend in the hospital. He suffered a brain aneurism and was (is?!) in a coma. After being air lifted to SF, he has been stable through the weekend and they will operate today. I only hear snippets here & there about what happened & how he is. I have deep compassion for him, his family, and for all those who are caring for him. He has been a caretaker for many, Viet Nam medic &  nurse administering home health care round the clock. And he has been the one lone voice of constant support for New Thought Families over the years. It is said that everyone just needs someone who believes in them. Well, he’s been the one. So I find myself being filled with messy human emotions that i am quick to judge. The caring of compassion & acceptance of unconditional Love understands the selfish side of my humanness, allows me to be hugged in it while I embrace the holy purpose of my friend’s journey. He is a pure heart & soul & I pray for his highest good as well as for all those who are ministering to him now. Through the heart of compassion, may we all find peace.
This week’s mindful meditation invitation is to let compassion bring peace to ourselves & others.
Thank you for being here ~ we’d love to hear from you and how compassion & peace are part of your family’s journey!

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