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Compassionate Caring

In March, we are planting seeds as well as celebrating & honoring peace & compassion at New Thought Families. On the website, we speak to our home practice of compassion this month and our ongoing efforts to keep our home a peace zone. As surely as ‘peace begins with me’, so it is for compassion. As my awareness increases about the beautiful caring  capacity & unconditional Love embodied in compassion, I feel the inner challenge to apply it first to myself. Compassion. Here’s the definition we have on site:  Deep awareness of the needs of another coupled with the wish to help. Caring for others especially those who suffer with actions to understand and/or to help. So when applied to me, this looks like deep caring & understanding, putting judgements aside … except that how then do I help? Can we judge & help? Can we help without judging? Can we judge with compassion? To implement change, some discernment or judgement comes into play. As I try to make changes for myself, Jeremiah & New Thought Families just now, I am implementing the caring capacity of compassion to look at truth with the eyes of unconditional Love. It is a challenge sometimes to treat myself this way but it is the only way. It comes in seeds … of thought … of heart … of action. Seeds often planted in darkness but always nurtured by light & the flow of unconditional Love ~ and THAT quenches any thirst as well as the need to grow. As the gardner of my life, I have many tools …. forgiveness, gratitude, the affirmations & denials we spoke of last week … and foremost AWARENESS to see … to plant … to grow … to weed … to reap … to sow. We are so grateful for YOU & that by being here, here & now, you affirm  & grow your own awareness into your own & your families’ lives!  This week’s mindful meditation invitation is to let Love guide you with caring compassion ~ see how you can help yourself & others with deep caring & unconditional Love . Watch out for pity ~ this is not compassion! And also be aware of the many faces of manipulation which can sometimes show up when we try to help! Mindfully move through the heart of compassion’s awareness, connection, deep caring & unconditional Love.

We offer you our Music Video, Plant Our Planet:

Plant Our Planet
Plant Our Planet Music Video

Practice awareness, compassion & peace with us everyday at New Thought Families! Our Play & Pray Plant Seeds Everyday  March Calendar blends multi-media color & fun with mindful moments. The Season Of Peace runs through March:  we have brief multi-media moments each day on our 64 Ways In 64 Days Calendar for the Season Of Peace & NonViolence. You can also  play interactive Name That Peacemaker games!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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