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This week’s mindful meditation invitation is to let Love guide you with Affirmations & Denials! As the antithesis of awareness, you may wonder why we’re advocating denial. But denial as a pathway to (more) Love, has always been part of the New Thought teachings as well as most, if not all religions in one form or another. New Thought pioneer & one of Unity’s first published authors, Emilie Cady has a chapter on Denials in her  book, Lessons In Truth. She begins the chapter by pointing out the religious beliefs of some like Puritans who used denial as a means to withold comforts & joys to appease God. But she quickly makes a distinction and definition of denial in New Thought terms, “To deny oneself, then, is not to withhold comfort or happiness from the external man, much less to inflict torture upon him, but it is to deny the claims of error consciousness, to declare these claims to be untrue.” Cady instructs in Lessons In Truth how to use both affirmations & denials to empower you to live the truth of who you are, “Denial brings freedom from bondage, and happiness comes when we can effectually deny the power of anything to touch or trouble us.” So what does that look like in today’s (New Thought) families? Like all spiritual practices, it begins with awareness. We must first be aware of what we are saying, thinking, affirming. Everything spoken & thought is an affirmation of some sort. But are we affirming truth or lies? If I think or speak thoughts of scarcity, I am affirming a lack … of money, community, fellowship … whatever the context. The truth of life is that there is no lack. So I can address this with several different forms of denial; I can use Cady’s blatent ‘go away, you don’t exist’ method or something softer, “I choose to know there is an abundance of money. I am open to the flow of money that is.” We can address the fear behind the scarcity thoughts, again with a commanding “Go away” or something creative like, “Here fear, hold this light. In this light is the truth of who we are.”  Contemporary teacher Byron Katie simply asks, “Is it true?” I use this with myself and with Jeremiah along with Ruiz’s Four Agreements, especially, Don’t Make Assumptions. Whenever we affirm, we are also denying and whenever we deny, we affirm. So, deny doubt, affirm joy. Deny fear, affirm Love. Here is a song filled with such denials & affirmations, enJOY it free this week from New Thought Families.

I Am Love
Affirm & Deny!

I Am Love (Recorded on our I Am A Seeker CD):
Doubt, you get out!
There’s no place for you here.
Fear, go away! I won’t hold you near.
Love lights my way. My path is clear.
I am God’s blessed child, loved so dear.
I am joy! I am Love!
That’s what I’m made of.
I am joy! I am Love!
That’s what I’m made of.
Thank you, thank you, thank you God!
I am Love.
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Again, thank you for being  here &  for your willingness to bring awareness into your own & your families’ lives! This week’s mindful meditation invitation is to let Love guide you with Affirmations & Denials!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

One thought on “Affirm*Believe*Create*Deny

  1. I like that, “Here fear, hold this light. In this light is the truth of who we are.” Is it true? Is it real? Is there more?… and, of course, “Don’t make assumptions,” can help keep us tuned in to truth, love, beauty and joy, everyday.

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