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Long Live Love

Thanks so much for being here this Monday to muse more Mindful Matters! Our theme this month at New Thought Families is Love (of course!) & Kindness and this past weekend was an excellent opportunity for me to practice both amidst challenge. The celebration was Jeremiah’s 11th birthday. The challenge was his dad visiting from the East Coast. Unlike a tragic number of divided families, we have chosen to stay in as much harmonious, loving contact as possible. Perhaps this is easier for me since we live 3, ooo miles apart and our visits are usually far & few between.  Still, we live in a small orderly home and when he comes, it is a bit of a physical & emotional storm. Jeremiah had not seen his dad since October and it was a great gift to have him here for his birthday. He arrived Thursday evening and there was a divine order gift of a snow day on Friday ~ no school! I processed some triggers early on in the visit and stayed in a detached Love the rest of the time. Jeremiah’s 11th was indeed a fine celebration with a few of his friends and some other family that travelled in. His dad was very loving & generous with my family and they, like I, appreciate him & his support. This kind of Love was actually a precedent set by my parents &step dad; much to the latter dad’s credit, our family has always been together for celebrations ~ mom & the 2 dads~! My siblings have all had divorces and none chose to have the kind of relationship that our parents have except me. I see it as the power of true Love. It soothes my still healing heart to know that even though I didn’t find the ‘one’ to marry and live happily ever after with, I was blessed with one that we can be family with even if it doesn’t look at all like what it’s ‘supposed’ to look like. Mmmmmmmm … that was last Monday’s musing too! And THAT is unconditional Love; accepting & even embracing our commitments with gratitude. Jeremiah’s dad left in a hurry early this morning after changing his flight last night. He felt he needed to return a day earlier because of work. This was very painful for Jeremiah. Still, the power of Love prevails. On the 1 hour+ drive back from the airport at dawn, my now 11 year old gave his latest definition of Love; “Love is a bond between another person if that person is willing to bond with you & you are willing to bond with them. That’s what Love is.” My latest definition of Love? “Love is saying YES to the infinite flow of blessings always present in the gift of Presence.” This week’s mindful meditation invitation is to notice the power of Love in your life!

Love Is The Greatest Power (Recorded on our I Am A Seeker CD):
Love is, Love is, the greatest power
Love is the strongest force.
I am, I am, the breath of God’s love.
I live and breathe
the loving power of my Source.

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At New Thought Families this past week, I followed through with a commitment made last year to honor great Peacemakers. Look for the power of Love in their lives and play interactive Name That Peacemaker games!

Love yourself & others with our multi-media 64 Ways In 64 Days Calendar for the Season Of Peace & NonViolence.

Remember our daily Play & Pray Kind Hearts Calendar.

Again, thank you for your presence here & this week’s mindful meditation invitation is to notice the power of Love in your life!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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