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Leaping Literacy Library for Traditional, Creative, & Spiritual Family Literacy!

Light Leaping Literacy Library for Traditional, Creative, & Spiritual Family Literacy!

Namaste December Dew Drops of Divine Design!

I am writing from my laptop at my mom’s because our power went off this morning … amidst what Dr. Seuss called a “mid-winter jicker”, we are being saturated in rain following high, howling winds … RainAh, the wonders of the sacred Mother intersecting with the wonders of technology … old and new … light and Love is a sweet combination of both … All Spirit reflected in the twinkling of the holiday season awakening the starshine in each of us … Have you received a renewed invitation to live your light?! If so or if not, consider yourself invited here and now!

Quiet Light ... Photo Thanks to Duchess at RGBStock

Quiet Light …
Photo Thanks to Duchess at RGBStock

The concept of stars has always boggled my mind and conflicted with my heart that has this romantic twinkling image of fairy dust glittering the night sky. The reality is that the closest star to the earth is our sun. That gigantic fiery ball of light that feeds us and would easily consume us if we got too close. Our own Love Light is very similar methinks … we only glimpse a bit of the powerful co-creating breath of Love expressed we truly be. We may be afraid of our own shadows but we’re more afraid of our own light! The Solstice celebration comes next week to remind us to embrace both the dark and the light within us and all around us.

"In the darkness of the Solstice, we reach for the light ..."

“In the darkness of the Solstice, we reach for the light …”

And Christmas! We did indeed participate again in our little town of Sutter Creek’s Bethlehem celebration of Las Pasadas last week. Our friend yogi Keith was there and got some footage for us … still hoping to post a few clips here … It was a large crowd this year which brought new logistical challenges and I realized at a very deep level, it is about every heart there holding a light … sound systems, music, narration …. Sweet Pea the donkey and young Mary on her back, the beautiful baby Jesus in the manger who did not utter a peep … so many moving pieces but the truth of it is the hearts holding the lights … As it is in the star studded sky, so it is for humanity, each of us shining in whatever capacity we are designed for or what we’re up for in any given moment!

Friends Yogi Keith, Big Don & Rev Karene made the Las Pasadas journey with us this year!

Friends Yogi Keith, Big Don & Rev Karene made the Las Pasadas journey with us this year!

In a continuance of Thanks Living, I have been mixing old and new offline and on. The Leaping Literacy Library reopens for Marvelous Memberships this week 12/13/14 and we’ll have a 12 Day Celebration GiveAway:

Leaping Literacy Library for Traditional, Creative, & Spiritual Family Literacy!

Leaping Literacy Library for Traditional, Creative, & Spiritual Family Literacy!

I have re-illustrated multiple (Christmas) Laurie StorEBooks and made a major shift in releasing more of the tired old felt pieces that provided live illustrations in my touring days of yesteryear … my digital illustration capacities have greatly expanded!CHABC02ChAnts1CHABC03GoSanta03 GoSanta03ChQuiet04ChQuiet 04Tree02MTree02And more! I do love the co-creation process and how the magic of this season is so joyfully embodied in children’s books and songs! It is increasingly clear (duh!) that to keep up my co-creating of all the titles, old and new, as well as offer all the huge amount of content in Library format, I need help! Gentle readers, I know you’ve heard this before. Isn’t it funny (or not!) how we keep repeating self defeating patterns until .. we don’t … anymore! So I am adding the above and more into the Laurie StorE Store and the Library is re-opening with some good improvements ~ even if the fancy format I had hoped for fell through, at least for now … I am showing up anyway, committed, caring, and conscious … with a Christmas Spirit of hope & Love!

Our little town's wooden candy canes painted merry & bright!

Our little town’s wooden candy canes painted merry & bright!

I have also re-committed to hosting our local gatherings with a calendar of 2015 PlayShops, Creative Arts classes and our Beloved Feathers of Faith Family Camp mapped out for the year! I’ve booked our local Community Building and insurance is being paid with faith … I am delighted to see what co-creations will be made! This Sunday, we are decorating wooden candy canes … the symbol of the shepherd’s guidance & direction mixed with the sweetness and playfulness of Christmas goodness. The red and white striped wooden canes line our little Main St. and our canes for this Sunday’s PlayShop have been lining my garage as I did my best to turn the plain wood into a welcoming white canvas for hearts and hands, young and old!

Shining Home December PlayShop, here we come!

Shining Home December PlayShop, here we come!

And as I wrap up these meandering, mindful musings … I offer the pipe stem cleaner. A long time favorite staple for crafters and free form creators, I have a new amazement of their strength … We fastened some yard decorations with these little thin wires and miraculously the fierce winds did not sufficiently challenge the sparkling wires from doing their job:

And so it is!

Shout out to the power of the pipe stem cleaner!

Shout out to the power of the pipe stem cleaner!

And so it is that I hope you are living your light this moment, this season … holding fast to your own divine design, compassionate and loving with yourself and others in the wake of the storms, allowing more and more of your powerful starshine to illumine your path. Namaste, shining star!

Namaste Blessed Givers & Receivers Of Gratitude, Life & Love!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy ThanksLiving! In this time of family, feasting, and hideous store sales, may we continue to come home to the heart of Love … The interfaith holiday of Thanksgiving here in the U.S. is an opportunity to count our blessings and gratefully embrace all of our abundance. It also serves as the gateway for many (Christians) into the Christmas holiday season ~ Advent begins this Sunday, November 30th! And yes, long before the onset of Black Friday ushering in the Christmas (shopping) season, there was simple thanks given with an eye and heart turned to Christmas … At least that’s how I remember it!

Peaceful Light: Merry & Bright!

Peaceful Light: Merry & Bright!

We are indeed feasting with family this Thanksgiving; tomorrow, we will each light a candle and speak our gratitude before we eat. And as part of my ThanksLiving, I refuse to go into a store the next few days. Retailers have enjoyed ‘being in the black’ so much on the day after Thanksgiving, that ‘Black Friday’ has now moved into Thanksgiving Day. I object!  My sister said that last night she saw people camped out in front of a store … hunkered in for several days to be 1 of the first 5 in the door and get a 50″ TV … what dreams are they missing out on in their warm, cozy beds? How many interactions with loved ones will they miss?! Yet I know when I judge, it takes me out of Love so I am trying to stay compassionate … there’s a lot of crying for Love going on here!

As I metaphysically muse on all of this, I see that consumerism provides a wonderful spiritual lesson for us about gratitude, life, and ThanksLiving. We have a choice in how we spend our time, money, energy … the shiny objects we think we want very often have a fleeting satisfaction. When we flow in ThanksLiving, we are still blessed with the ability to purchase from the plethora most of us are provided, yet the deep appreciation & joy from the graceful state of awakened gratitude fills us at a sustainable soul level.

Las Pasadas, Sutter Creek

Las Pasadas, Sutter Creek

Thank you God for choice! And for each of us being a powerful co-creator of Love ~ woo hoo! As such, I am embracing old and new ~ Jeremiah and I are Las Posadas musicians again next weekend as our little town re-enacts the journey of Mary & Joseph looking for lodging for baby Jesus to be born. I am re-vamping & loading up our December daily calendar including a special Advent calendar of surprises at New Thought Families. There are more new Laurie StorEBook illustrations, and web renovations (still!) underway … our Membership Library is being newly hosted and looking to re-open, at least in part,  as all things line up on 12-13-14!
I am embracing the gift of life in the fullness of ThanksLiving and I hope the same for you for life is so much sweeter when we do! I brought this into a ceremony & ritual last week for my birthday … I took myself to the beach … and there … I took my own hand in marriage! In case any of you are interested, the video below shares part of the ceremony and the reasons why I did it. The short version is that I was exercising my co-creative powers to dream and be Love expressed. I opened with Rumi:
If you want to hold the beautiful one,
Hold yourself to yourself.
When you kiss the Beloved, touch your own lips with your own fingers.
The beauty of every woman and every man is your own beauty.

So, welcome to my wedding!

A very merry, blessed, beautiful Thanksgiving Day of ThanksLiving to you and yours … no matter if or how you are celebrating life this moment, this day, I see us all in one breath of Love flowing in life’s goodness, oneness, blessedness. I am so grateful for you. Namaste, Love!

You don’t make it happen, you make it welcome. ~ Derek Rydell

Namaste Remember In November Wholly Happy Ones!

I greet you in the names of compassion, satisfaction, and Thanks Living!

In the long few weeks since the last, Scare Share post, I have thought about our creepy visitor, like every load of laundry and even a few times crawling into bed …. after all, we live next to a field and just where did that visitor come from?! And why? What was your message that my creeped out brain could not receive?! I know. Get over it. Except that all things great and small are a gift if we let them be. It was a Jeresulum Cricket aka a potato bug steeped with interesting history here in CA as I read in Wiki.

The little 3 inch giant insect seemed to open a floodgate in me of emotions and feelings I don’t want to experience. Indeed, ones I thought I had risen above. Maybe it was the public proclamation here that I was being compassion in action. Enter … more elder issues and failing computers, increased stress & hormones with restless sleep and my first (and hopefully last!) full blown migraine headache. And grumpy me being increasingly uglier that I care to account. The thread of truth in all of it is the ultimate awareness that has been surfacing is the age old dance of resistance. Resistance shows up in so many ways; avoidance, procrastination, and compassion/Love killing judgment to name a few.

Love’s only option is to reach for the light and GROW!

Yes, what we resists persists, but more to the point if we embrace ALL of it with as much acceptance & gratitude as possible ~ compassion, forgiveness & Love are great too ~ then with that grateful yes or even  ‘o.k.’, we are far happier, as are those around us!

As I am embracing what is with my computer situation (including this awkward laptop moment!), I am reminded that if I stay in the awe filled appreciation of Thanks Living, that attitude of gratitude is a natural companion to compassion and leaves me full of satisfaction.

As I go back and forth between computers (it’s complicated!) to update my beloved daily Play & Pray Calendar pages of Thanks Living, I am in an open place of allowing & questioning … Do I stay or do I go now? To stay seemingly means new systems and computers. Is this the time to pour on the renewed faith in our online offerings ~ something I was acting on I thought! ~If so, the stakes are being raised in what that will take. Clearly, time to GROW or GO! I vow to keep growing in grateful happiness, no matter what ways I am called to go.

As I took a peek back 2 years ago at the last of the November Thanks Living posts, I found the following, amazing video gem reminder of sacred celebration amid my life & web questionings of that time! That was on the  brink of launching the 2013 Dream Team. My current dream includes the family creativity forum which is still a bit of a ghost site sitting in a big vision. Time to co-create & dream it true? Or re-create out of the blue?!
CrFamBranchHere is this oh so gorgeous reminder and invitation of sacred awareness gratitude from Moving art:

I am ever so grateful for this amazing beauty ~ let’s forever remember! I am also so appreciative for this communication and for you who are reading these words and sharing the celebration and tribulation! I am ever committed to showing up for LOVE! And I continue to commit to my Laurie StorEBooks; upgrading & (re)publishing more titles each week. Check out some as part of November’s Book Banquet Reading Feast!

And I remain quite sure that the beauty that is you is shining through … even if you resist, Love always persists. So we may as well embrace tender surrender and allow the Love in, right, my friend?! Happy Thanks Living in this grateful acceptance. Namaste Beauty!
You don’t make it happen, you make it welcome. ~ Derek Rydell

Namaste Love! Fleeting October Greetings!

As I continue to put the pieces together on and offline, I am (hormonally!) up and down with the many swings of life these days. How about you? Are you experiencing bliss and peace? Or craze and daze? Or, like me, some interesting combo of all of it??!!

More Shellfish

More Shellfish! Peace in the pieces …

As the season changes, so does my teenager and the elders in our lives. I am doing relatively well in staying unconditionally loving and fairly non-reactive for the most part. We are enJOYing a 3rd world series run for our beloved baseball team, the SF Giants. Now for anyone who knows me, THAT’S a change! I never would have believed I would ever be a baseball fan but thanks to my son’s love of the game and some mysterious force I can’t begin to understand, I have developed a love, appreciation and even a slight addiction (at least to these series games). Even so, I remain what could be termed weirdly compassionate when it comes to (this) sport … I actually feel bad for the opposing players even in the midst of the joy of winning. The us vs. them thing has never worked well for me … I truly marvel at some of the talent ~ on both sides ~ while really getting excited and delighted for our winning Giants.

When I look at myself in the above situation or how I am handling things ~ especially with my 89 year old dad these days, I think I really am living compassion in action. Good for me!

Then! As life would have it … Enter … the visitor …
I pull the laundry out of the washer and start to sort it onto hangers … when what happens to surface … totally out of context …. and me, reacting with a blood curdling scream!
Visitor1Ok … what the heck?! This beautiful beast of nature has survived the washing machine and I am completely creeped out. I call for Jeremiah, my teenage man cub to come to the rescue. He wants no part of it. We stand surveying what we think must be a dead ‘beast’ when it starts to twitch and shake off the effects of the washing machine experience. Whaaaaaaaaaat?!
Visitor2Jeremiah sees it move and I assure him it is his imagination. The moments tic on as we negotiate how to scoop the thing outside and I grow increasingly agitated and even angry that my young prince is clearly not going to come to my rescue. Then I see it move eliciting more shrieks from me. Clearly, it is alive and it is up to me to get it away from the laundry and *somewhere* else where it can get on with it’s life ~ or death ~ or whatever.

So where’s the compassion in action? Only a mere, fuzzy “You should …” thought in the back of my reactive, reptilian brain. Jeremiah is saved by a phone call which takes him into the house and away from the situation. I too leave the garage for a power walk around the block where I pray and center and come to as much of my compassionate senses as I can muster.

I re-center on a brilliant teaching I took in earlier in the week from Neal Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God. Neal summed up the formula for living a conscious spiritual life as this: 1. Be The Source 2. Everything is perfect 3. You are not alone

So I breathe in these remembrances knowing that I must be the Source as much as possible in this situation. And as creeped out as I am, it is perfect ~ after all, I don’t use a dryer ~! And, of course I am not alone. I always call on my angels so why was I calling on Jeremiah and then mad when he couldn’t show up and be in charge?! I returned to the poor ‘beast’ with my angels in tow … or rather, them towing me.
Visitor3An amazing creature, really. It seemed ‘mostly dead” as I scooped it outside. Gone this morning, it is living on some level, somewhere. And in this children’s book writer’s mind, it is certainly living on …. with admonitions like …”Do you know how much bigger you are than me?! I had just survived the washing machine and YOU are screaming?! REALLY?” Oh, forgive me my creepy visitor and thank you for being my teacher in schooling me how to be more compassion in action!

Our New Thought Families daily Play & Pray Calendar is sprinkled with Everyday SoulPlay giveaways amidst our October Compassion in Action theme changing over to November’s daily Thanks Living by week’s end. Play & pray with us! And last night’s visitor reminds me of the sweet “If I Were A Bug” song embedded below ~ I was singing this morning, “If I were a bug in the washing machine, would you scoop me out and loudly scream?!”

I also invite you to the slightly creepy but mostly very silly and playful Book Boos Laurie StorEBooks all packaged up and ready for instant downloads ~ they are in our Family Creativity Branch StorE Store! For anyone, who wants some playful rhyme for Halloween time, here you go:

Book Boos: 10 Fun, Frolicking Laurie StorEBooks!

Book Boos: 10 Fun, Frolicking Laurie StorEBooks!

Thank you so much for being here! Wherever this week of All Hallow’s eve finds you, may you be Love blessed and caressed. Namaste, Love!

IMG_2926Namaste Love!

I greet you in the name of October change …. the beauty of the seasons mirroring our own divine order unfolding! Our New Thought Families Play & Pray Calendar is celebrating Compassion In Action this month and we are change, change, changing  ~ check the clouds!

For better or worse, I am integrating an expansive, playful cloudscape throughout all the websites and with literally thousands of pages, I’ve just begun! The membership software, new server et al is growing along … much slower than I thought I would be so a great time for compassion to reign!

I took my mom up to the mountains on sacred Sunday and did a little vlog embedded below. The message of beauty as a gateway to Love, change, compassion … But before I turn the voice over to video, I do have an announcement and invitation!


As part of our Creative Spirit Families web here in cyberspace and in keeping with the dream I began New Thought Families with on 2/7/2007, I (re!)introduce a family forum that is brimming with infinite possibilities! creativefamilyliteracy.com is a branch of Leaping Literacy Library and it is a cyberspace where families and children can connect, communicate & co-create. It’s a place similar to FaceBook with a lot more options, no ads, and a dedicated focus on a safe place for children and their adults to share. Right now, there aren’t too many people there but there is room and heart space for those who will be served by this. Check it out and let me know what you think! Better yet, sign up and try it for a month and then let me know what you think! Connection, communication & co-creation is waiting there for ~ us!

I’ll be there with exclusive Forum freebies every fab Friday as well as sharing NEWs of my art, story, songs as they are coming along and commenting & connecting with what YOU share … I am envisioning ‘you’ … the  families looking for a fun, innovative, supportive place to grow their children’s expanding literacy … traditional, technical, spiritual …

CHANGE! What is new for you? Whatever you are going through, I believe in you and your truth too. Here’s the October vlog ~ full of beauty and Love ~ woo hoo! 


My continued celebration of the pieces ~ shell fish!

My continued celebration of the pieces ~ shell fish!

No matter how broken your fragments seem, it is all a part of beautiful YOU!

No matter how broken your fragments seem, it is all a part of beautiful YOU!

Namaste Beautiful Broken Ones ~ Whole Expressions of LOVE & Life!

I meet you with a fleeting greeting as we surrender September into October’s waiting arms this transformational Tuesday. As I shared in the last post, I have been experiencing a certain amount of brokenness this month as I stepped back to breathe through what seemed a very long summer of intensity punctuated by shifting sands and dreams unrealized.

In the place of detached curiosity and unwavering appreciation for the sacredness of creation, the pieces or fragments of our lives that can leave us feeling broken are really nothing more than the circle of life unfolding …  like a tree whose leaves change vibrant colors and then drop away … falling, falling to decay and to make way for new life underneath and in the new leaves which will emerge behind them in their own right, perfect, divine timing. How can we help but be in appreciative awe of this circle of life?!

We get to choose our perspective!

We get to choose our perspective!

And so it is with us … our trials and triumphs, our heartthrobs and heartaches, our grieving and un-leaving, achieving, believing, conceiving … new dreams, new visions, new branches!

In the wake of the fall Equinox beckoning to all the earth for balance, we necessarily let go of some things while we harvest others. What are you releasing and what are you embracing? How are you feasting and what are you facing?!

I am still in the messy middle of all my co-creations on and offline while still holding as much unconditional Love as I can for mothering a teenager and daughtering aging parents. This very post was put on hold while I went for dad’s medical appointment ~ the story of which could launch a whole other post ~ patience ponderings!


Every stage of life ~ All One!

Every stage of life ~ All One!

Suffice it to say that all aspects of our selves and our lives are multi-layered mosaics of voices & choices that we allow to shape our hours, days, years, lifetimes. Necessarily, we all experience what seem or feels like brokenness in the process but no matter what that may seem like or feel like, we are always whole. Always one with all that is.

Some of the world’s biggest religions celebrate his time of year ~ Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish ‘head of the year’ … whereby followers ask forgiveness of themselves and others in a time of reckoning with their lives and then, of course the celebration of beginning again ~ Happy New Year! The 9 day Hindu festival,  Navaratri Dusserha is celebrated twice a year around Equinox times according to the lunar calendar (9/25-10/3 2014). This Mother Goddess festival celebrates the divine mother in all of her manifestations culminating with good triumphing over evil.



Ah yes … good prevails … always. Deep OM breath!

So in celebration of endings, beginnings, and balance, sweet balance, I offer you the mindful moment invitation here and now to breathe into your wholeness … including and especially embracing all of your perceived brokenness. Know that the Love that created you never forsakes you and your pieces are definitely part of your grand design and infinite beauty!
Everyday SoulPlay!
As I continue to integrate New Thought Families with Creative Spirit Families, Laurie’s Stories & the Leaping Literacy Online Library, I am holding steadfast to the faith that has built these co-creations thus far! I am implementing new Membership software that *should* rectify some of the challenges that undermined this summer’s SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp and the future ease and grace access of Membership offerings. SoulPlay is weaving it’s web with Everyday SoulPlay currently being woven into our New Thought Families Daily Play & Pray Calendar. We have a new cloudscape design emerging that will hopefully make all our offerings much less nebulous! And I have resumed loving and revising many of my old Laurie StorEBooks with some of the picture illustration that has so devotionally developed over the years of doing New Thought Families and the daily Calendars. Change is a blessed thing!
BraveDave 05


SeeABee 02


Whether you are celebrating the (Rosh Hashanah) sweetness of life or simply looking for peace in the pieces, I offer you the blessing of sweet peace now … in this or any moment we choose to change … perspective. We are not broken. Ever. We are blessed to be Love Expressed. Always. I love you. Thank you so much for being the change with me. Namaste, Love!

Eyes On Beautiful Lies

Eyes On Beautiful Lies: Blessons Of SoulPlay!

Namaste Beloveds!
The summer of SoulPlay ended a few weeks ago but it has taken me until this September moment to bring the blessons back here … whew! Besides a very full schedule of traveling, video taping, producing, and (trying to!) promote and process SoulPlay, this was also a summer of big relationship changes with my teenage son and elder parents & landlady ~ the 4 elders here all experiencing big blows to their body temples with me called into caretaking ~ all, in all, I suppose I was heading for the September breakdown I am now emerging from!
BirdAlone1 03. MichelleWhile I was so calling for a business breakthrough with SoulPlay, I definitely got breakdown instead! And to break the silence of my SoulPlay turned darkness of the Soul, I went up the mountain last Sunday and did a VLOG ~ seemed in keeping with all the videos made for the SoulPlay Camp! It gave me a chance to really talk to you ~ laugh and cry too! But since it turned out to be a hideously long 30 minute epic sharing, I have been on the fence whether to bring you the vlog or not and how to break it down … It is still nearly 20 minutes which is a serious chunk of clock & calendar real estate I know, so I leave it up to your soul to know if your Spirit will be served in sharing mountain heart renewal, compassion time with me:

Completely understandable, truly if you are not up for the vlog ~ I promise if I do them in the future, I will script and keep them short! And if you do choose to share with me, THANK YOU! ~ And let me know what’s on your heart too!

Vlog aside, I will simply list some of the many blessons from this SoulPlay co-creation in the hopes that they may speak to some of you who are manifesting your own visions ~ and maybe save you some pain?! As with all of life, each of these blessons are multi-layered blessings and lessons.

1. Don’t do it alone!
Even though I have an awesome angel team, there is nothing like other humans to help you in human ventures! Yes, many hands make light work and also many voices can bring perspective, encouragement and dare I say, reason! It can also bring needed skills ~ like when I had so many technology snafus and no techie gurus!
2. Scale back! Less really IS more!
For any who know me, you feel me on this. As an infinite co-creator, the idea of scaling back is always so repulsive to me! In 20/20 hind sight, the project and the folks involved would have been better served if it were cut in half!
3. Choice Points ~ You CAN change the plans!
In keeping with #2, there was a huge amount of footage to produce as the camp was rolling along. And when I looked at the naked truth mid-way through the 21 day Camp to see that the videos were not really being viewed, it was a choice point to step back and re-run the first half … instead I stayed in my craze of making MORE videos!
4. Serve Yourself First ~ Know Your Worth
You know, like on the airplane when you put on your own oxygen mask 1st?! Somewhere in the process of birthing this dream, I got things way out of balance and had far too many nights in a row with only 4 hours sleep … I can do a few of these with relative ease and grace but weeks on end tipped me right over the edge! And in us (me) knowing our own worth, others are far more likely to value us too!
5. Communicate Clearly!
Like the rest of my work & co-creations, SoulPlay had so much to it (do #2!), it was not easy for folks to take in. Even the invitation to potential Camp Counselors was not readily understood. Again, there are an array of layers here but simply put, from a marketing perspective and otherwise ~ the confused mind says no!
6. Ask for Help ~ Don’t expect others to read your mind!
This is a combination of 1 & 5 … where I coulda woulda shoulda clearly asked for more help and not expected those involved to read my mind and act accordingly. I know, duh. The 4 Agreements calls this ‘Assumptions’!
7. Everyone ~ no matter what age ~ has an inner child who is happy to come out & play!
This truth came up for me in powerful ways with each of my SoulPlay Counselors! The experiences have left me wondering what it would take to get humankind to live from this wisdom … and re-rooting in me that this is pivotal to my life’s work.
8. Play is a wisdom with the same vibration of pray!
I’ve been trying to find which wise one said this back in the day but the summer of SoulPlay vibrations convinced me that this is indeed the beautiful truth ~ no lie!
9. Creation is unconditional Love expressed!
No matter what we get done or don’t get done … achieve or fail at ~ by whatever human scale we use to judge ~ our co-creator, THE Creator, loves us no matter what! We are here to be Love expressed and when we live our Love & joy, we are co-creating more of the same. Thereby, it truly is all good, all Love, all the time, no matter what!

Speaking of time, I’ve now managed to write a long blog to go with the lengthy vlog! I can only hope that they can serve … the Spirit of faith, hope, co-creation, and the manifestation of your heart’s longings, callings, belongings and fallings. May you be yes blessed in whatever ways you’re called to be Love expressed. Namaste, Beautiful Love!


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