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IMG_2926Namaste Love!

I greet you in the name of October change …. the beauty of the seasons mirroring our own divine order unfolding! Our New Thought Families Play & Pray Calendar is celebrating Compassion In Action this month and we are change, change, changing  ~ check the clouds!

For better or worse, I am integrating an expansive, playful cloudscape throughout all the websites and with literally thousands of pages, I’ve just begun! The membership software, new server et al is growing along … much slower than I thought I would be so a great time for compassion to reign!

I took my mom up to the mountains on sacred Sunday and did a little vlog embedded below. The message of beauty as a gateway to Love, change, compassion … But before I turn the voice over to video, I do have an announcement and invitation!


As part of our Creative Spirit Families web here in cyberspace and in keeping with the dream I began New Thought Families with on 2/7/2007, I (re!)introduce a family forum that is brimming with infinite possibilities! creativefamilyliteracy.com is a branch of Leaping Literacy Library and it is a cyberspace where families and children can connect, communicate & co-create. It’s a place similar to FaceBook with a lot more options, no ads, and a dedicated focus on a safe place for children and their adults to share. Right now, there aren’t too many people there but there is room and heart space for those who will be served by this. Check it out and let me know what you think! Better yet, sign up and try it for a month and then let me know what you think! Connection, communication & co-creation is waiting there for ~ us!

I’ll be there with exclusive Forum freebies every fab Friday as well as sharing NEWs of my art, story, songs as they are coming along and commenting & connecting with what YOU share … I am envisioning ‘you’ … the  families looking for a fun, innovative, supportive place to grow their children’s expanding literacy … traditional, technical, spiritual …

CHANGE! What is new for you? Whatever you are going through, I believe in you and your truth too. Here’s the October vlog ~ full of beauty and Love ~ woo hoo! 


My continued celebration of the pieces ~ shell fish!

My continued celebration of the pieces ~ shell fish!

No matter how broken your fragments seem, it is all a part of beautiful YOU!

No matter how broken your fragments seem, it is all a part of beautiful YOU!

Namaste Beautiful Broken Ones ~ Whole Expressions of LOVE & Life!

I meet you with a fleeting greeting as we surrender September into October’s waiting arms this transformational Tuesday. As I shared in the last post, I have been experiencing a certain amount of brokenness this month as I stepped back to breathe through what seemed a very long summer of intensity punctuated by shifting sands and dreams unrealized.

In the place of detached curiosity and unwavering appreciation for the sacredness of creation, the pieces or fragments of our lives that can leave us feeling broken are really nothing more than the circle of life unfolding …  like a tree whose leaves change vibrant colors and then drop away … falling, falling to decay and to make way for new life underneath and in the new leaves which will emerge behind them in their own right, perfect, divine timing. How can we help but be in appreciative awe of this circle of life?!

We get to choose our perspective!

We get to choose our perspective!

And so it is with us … our trials and triumphs, our heartthrobs and heartaches, our grieving and un-leaving, achieving, believing, conceiving … new dreams, new visions, new branches!

In the wake of the fall Equinox beckoning to all the earth for balance, we necessarily let go of some things while we harvest others. What are you releasing and what are you embracing? How are you feasting and what are you facing?!

I am still in the messy middle of all my co-creations on and offline while still holding as much unconditional Love as I can for mothering a teenager and daughtering aging parents. This very post was put on hold while I went for dad’s medical appointment ~ the story of which could launch a whole other post ~ patience ponderings!


Every stage of life ~ All One!

Every stage of life ~ All One!

Suffice it to say that all aspects of our selves and our lives are multi-layered mosaics of voices & choices that we allow to shape our hours, days, years, lifetimes. Necessarily, we all experience what seem or feels like brokenness in the process but no matter what that may seem like or feel like, we are always whole. Always one with all that is.

Some of the world’s biggest religions celebrate his time of year ~ Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish ‘head of the year’ … whereby followers ask forgiveness of themselves and others in a time of reckoning with their lives and then, of course the celebration of beginning again ~ Happy New Year! The 9 day Hindu festival,  Navaratri Dusserha is celebrated twice a year around Equinox times according to the lunar calendar (9/25-10/3 2014). This Mother Goddess festival celebrates the divine mother in all of her manifestations culminating with good triumphing over evil.



Ah yes … good prevails … always. Deep OM breath!

So in celebration of endings, beginnings, and balance, sweet balance, I offer you the mindful moment invitation here and now to breathe into your wholeness … including and especially embracing all of your perceived brokenness. Know that the Love that created you never forsakes you and your pieces are definitely part of your grand design and infinite beauty!
Everyday SoulPlay!
As I continue to integrate New Thought Families with Creative Spirit Families, Laurie’s Stories & the Leaping Literacy Online Library, I am holding steadfast to the faith that has built these co-creations thus far! I am implementing new Membership software that *should* rectify some of the challenges that undermined this summer’s SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp and the future ease and grace access of Membership offerings. SoulPlay is weaving it’s web with Everyday SoulPlay currently being woven into our New Thought Families Daily Play & Pray Calendar. We have a new cloudscape design emerging that will hopefully make all our offerings much less nebulous! And I have resumed loving and revising many of my old Laurie StorEBooks with some of the picture illustration that has so devotionally developed over the years of doing New Thought Families and the daily Calendars. Change is a blessed thing!
BraveDave 05


SeeABee 02


Whether you are celebrating the (Rosh Hashanah) sweetness of life or simply looking for peace in the pieces, I offer you the blessing of sweet peace now … in this or any moment we choose to change … perspective. We are not broken. Ever. We are blessed to be Love Expressed. Always. I love you. Thank you so much for being the change with me. Namaste, Love!

Eyes On Beautiful Lies

Eyes On Beautiful Lies: Blessons Of SoulPlay!

Namaste Beloveds!
The summer of SoulPlay ended a few weeks ago but it has taken me until this September moment to bring the blessons back here … whew! Besides a very full schedule of traveling, video taping, producing, and (trying to!) promote and process SoulPlay, this was also a summer of big relationship changes with my teenage son and elder parents & landlady ~ the 4 elders here all experiencing big blows to their body temples with me called into caretaking ~ all, in all, I suppose I was heading for the September breakdown I am now emerging from!
BirdAlone1 03. MichelleWhile I was so calling for a business breakthrough with SoulPlay, I definitely got breakdown instead! And to break the silence of my SoulPlay turned darkness of the Soul, I went up the mountain last Sunday and did a VLOG ~ seemed in keeping with all the videos made for the SoulPlay Camp! It gave me a chance to really talk to you ~ laugh and cry too! But since it turned out to be a hideously long 30 minute epic sharing, I have been on the fence whether to bring you the vlog or not and how to break it down … It is still nearly 20 minutes which is a serious chunk of clock & calendar real estate I know, so I leave it up to your soul to know if your Spirit will be served in sharing mountain heart renewal, compassion time with me:

Completely understandable, truly if you are not up for the vlog ~ I promise if I do them in the future, I will script and keep them short! And if you do choose to share with me, THANK YOU! ~ And let me know what’s on your heart too!

Vlog aside, I will simply list some of the many blessons from this SoulPlay co-creation in the hopes that they may speak to some of you who are manifesting your own visions ~ and maybe save you some pain?! As with all of life, each of these blessons are multi-layered blessings and lessons.

1. Don’t do it alone!
Even though I have an awesome angel team, there is nothing like other humans to help you in human ventures! Yes, many hands make light work and also many voices can bring perspective, encouragement and dare I say, reason! It can also bring needed skills ~ like when I had so many technology snafus and no techie gurus!
2. Scale back! Less really IS more!
For any who know me, you feel me on this. As an infinite co-creator, the idea of scaling back is always so repulsive to me! In 20/20 hind sight, the project and the folks involved would have been better served if it were cut in half!
3. Choice Points ~ You CAN change the plans!
In keeping with #2, there was a huge amount of footage to produce as the camp was rolling along. And when I looked at the naked truth mid-way through the 21 day Camp to see that the videos were not really being viewed, it was a choice point to step back and re-run the first half … instead I stayed in my craze of making MORE videos!
4. Serve Yourself First ~ Know Your Worth
You know, like on the airplane when you put on your own oxygen mask 1st?! Somewhere in the process of birthing this dream, I got things way out of balance and had far too many nights in a row with only 4 hours sleep … I can do a few of these with relative ease and grace but weeks on end tipped me right over the edge! And in us (me) knowing our own worth, others are far more likely to value us too!
5. Communicate Clearly!
Like the rest of my work & co-creations, SoulPlay had so much to it (do #2!), it was not easy for folks to take in. Even the invitation to potential Camp Counselors was not readily understood. Again, there are an array of layers here but simply put, from a marketing perspective and otherwise ~ the confused mind says no!
6. Ask for Help ~ Don’t expect others to read your mind!
This is a combination of 1 & 5 … where I coulda woulda shoulda clearly asked for more help and not expected those involved to read my mind and act accordingly. I know, duh. The 4 Agreements calls this ‘Assumptions’!
7. Everyone ~ no matter what age ~ has an inner child who is happy to come out & play!
This truth came up for me in powerful ways with each of my SoulPlay Counselors! The experiences have left me wondering what it would take to get humankind to live from this wisdom … and re-rooting in me that this is pivotal to my life’s work.
8. Play is a wisdom with the same vibration of pray!
I’ve been trying to find which wise one said this back in the day but the summer of SoulPlay vibrations convinced me that this is indeed the beautiful truth ~ no lie!
9. Creation is unconditional Love expressed!
No matter what we get done or don’t get done … achieve or fail at ~ by whatever human scale we use to judge ~ our co-creator, THE Creator, loves us no matter what! We are here to be Love expressed and when we live our Love & joy, we are co-creating more of the same. Thereby, it truly is all good, all Love, all the time, no matter what!

Speaking of time, I’ve now managed to write a long blog to go with the lengthy vlog! I can only hope that they can serve … the Spirit of faith, hope, co-creation, and the manifestation of your heart’s longings, callings, belongings and fallings. May you be yes blessed in whatever ways you’re called to be Love expressed. Namaste, Beautiful Love!

Closing Day Of SoulPlay!

Namaste Mindful Beauty Filled Souls!

Currently at our live music camp with the San Francisco Folk Music Club …. we’ve been here most Labor Days for many years. I used to go around to the nightly campfires with Jeremiah asleep in a luggage cart … last night my 14 year old music maestro was jamming away fireside when I went off to bed …. time … changes … circle of Life! Feeling the Spirits of Faith & Ranger Bob this weekend … they may have left the planet this year, but their Spirits are definitely alive and well and HERE! Faith 03D.BobKeller1True to the way our online SoulPlay Camp ran through August …. I was the white rabbit running late late late in the closing of the virtual camp August 29 and arriving here at the live music camp … while many pieces didn’t happen with ease, grace, and full circle completion with SoulPlay, it is an amazing plethora of passionate, playful, Love Expressed blessings that will continue ON!! Our closing day SoulPlay represents all of our Camp Counselors as well as presents the Overground Railroad with 3 of our counselors who are the founding conductors ~ Luisah Teish, Harriet Tubman Wright, Julia Stege . The song I wrote for the Overground Railroad is also featured with teen talent playing with me ~ Jeremiah, Joe & Jenni!TTRR IMG_2548So, experience the wonders of Camp SoulPlay on this extended closing day:

And stay tuned for the next phase of our evolution which includes Everyday SoulPlay!

Meanwhile, I am precariously connected to the net through a friends phone! Trying to upload some Love Expressed Oneness Blessed September Calendar pages for New Thought Families …. web server connection not responding so those may be a few days late too!

Still and all, there is amazing growth & learning that have come from SoulPlay ~ I will be back to share some blessons with you blog beloveds! As we celebrate Labor Day USA, I am in full celebration of my life’s work and SoulPlay! May you be in celebration too … for whatever is up for you … you and your life are a gift and may you stay present to this now and always. Namaste Love!

This free, innovative, integrative experience airs 8/9-8/29!

This free, innovative, integrative experience airs 8/9-8/29!

Namaste Mindful Loved Ones & SoulPlay Campers!

We are in our final daze of our 21 Day SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp!

This week brings another wave of beauty & creativity from our SoulPlay
Counselors so full of liberty & authenticity! More music, stories, dancing,
moving, opening ~ fairy yoga, anti-bullying, latkes, Trust Flowers, basic
numerology, the Overground Railroad and more!

Daily Activities posting this week at 12:00 noonish Pacific:

For all who believe in the power of the co-creation of SoulPlay, you can donate there!

So even as I am producing the Camp’s last segments and realizing this may just be my biggest business failure yet, I am stopping by for a sacred celebration moment with you … a moment to visit the breadth & depth of the beauty & creativity that has been birthed into this busy world the last few weeks … and to offer up the opportunity for you to own the liberty and authenticity of SoulPlay while allowing myself the possibility of a bit of soul PAY!

NewsAs promised, SoulPlay is chock full of inspirational teachings & healings as well as a passionate plethora of singing, storytelling, dancing, writing, illustrating, laughing, creating, releasing, listening, opening, moving, BEing with life & death, and of course, play, play, playing in so many ways!

* Experience SoulPlay Camp on your own time for a $97 wee fee! *

You can purchase access to all 21 days of content ~ hundreds of PlayShops, Expression Sessions, Reset Moments & more! This truly is a one of a kind collection of experiences and inspirations for the whole family available for just $197. Use the coupon code: WeeFee50 through 9/19 and your cost is just $97

Access all of SoulPlay from here: http://www.lauriesstories.com/SoulPlayCamp/index.html As a free member, the above link asks you to log in and then go to the order page ~ add your coupon code, WeeFee50 ~ After paying $97 through PayPal, SoulPlay access is yours for life!

However you spend your SoulPlay time this day, this life ~ may you always remember to let your soul out to play because yes, this world be blessed with our Love expressed! Thank you for the SoulPlay blessing of you! Namaste, Love!


Namaste SoulPlay Campers & Mindful Beings of Love everywhere!

Well … ok … Mindful beings of Love who are landed here! Here now. In any mindful moment. And yet! SoulPlay IS everywhere and in everyone whether or not those Love expressed souls ever find this page, or our little online camp … or … me. The working Truth of SoulPlay and all things Creative Spirit Families & New Thought Families et al is that it is all about me and has nothing at all to do with me ~ when I am able to flow pure essence.

Today is Camp SoulPlay Day 11 filled with Earthly Sprinkles of Heaven. I wasn’t going to use the rhyme heaven … It was “Where Ya Headin’ for Day 7″ … But as I stay present to the gifts that are being offered up here in this amazing grace unfolding, I realize that SoulPlay Love expressed is exactly like sprinkles of heaven … it is the passion of hearts sprinkling this little patch of humanity’s garden … breathe in a moment with us now … even if you don’t go to one session of the hundreds of expressions at the 21 Day  SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp!

1A. ChanceNakedNaked Truths
From behind the scenes of this adventure … I have been swept up in an intense divine energy and zealous passion to keep saying yes and while my Spirit has stayed mostly happy, I have come into new places and faces of awareness of my human limitations. Angel grace has certainly been flowing through all aspects of the physical … making problematic footage taken this summer work, keeping my computer & programs happily humming through long, intense hours, having all the technology gratefully working for the most part ~ sans the Camp log in that has confounded some folks ~ sorry! So many naked truths …

And grace for me and this body temple to be sure. I have not slept more than 4 hours a night since Camp began. There have been a few naps here and there but most days, not. While Spirit fuel ~ and coffee! ~ are amazing, I have noticed some breakdown the last few days as exhaustion in the scope of this task surfaces. I have done a great job mostly but have missed many marks on posting times et al!  And I definitely had a breakdown in my business bank account over this summer of work without pay.
Naked Truths.

~ This picture is from today’s ‘Naked Truth’ message in our ongoing daily Pray & Play Calendar at New Thought Families ~ linked as part of Camp’s early morning reverent reverie! Fab Photo Thanks: Chance Arguella at Free Range Stock

Oh gentle readers, there are so many naked truths I could say … but in the best interest of SoulPlay and all of our busy days, I will sprinkle in a few of today’s Camp highlights & Counselors ~ to give you an idea of the bounty & beauty of what is there each of the 21 days + I’ll share some adjustments I am making for program & director wellbeing that will surely work for the highest good of all! I have many naked truth’s surfacing about why I am doing this blessed crazy thing but will be saving most of those for a post camp wrap up! My biggest conviction is that I am surely made for this work and I love it but it would absolutely be for the highest and best of all if I was working with others ~ human team, meet Spirit team!

SoulPlay Day 11: Sprinkles of Earthly Heaven ~ Sign Up/In to Access Each Day’s Activities!
01.SoulPlayDayWe are beginning each SoulPlay day in celebration & remembrance as well as dedicating the day to an inspirational person. Today’s tribute is to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and features one of our Teen Talent peeps; Josh performs part of Dr. King’s most famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. Another of our Teen Talents surfaces this day with Joe’s improve piano. Wendy Fedan & Dr. Angi K Orobko are two of our 20 SoulPlay Camp Counselors who share multiple talents with us; Day 11 is Wendy as illustrator and Angi as musician ~ or at least music lover! And we sing the Angel song ~ to YOU!
06. Wendy04. MusicPlay
2 of our Star Counselors are the Wild Mystic Rachel Flower and our SoulPlay Camp Chef Anne Baker who serves up gluten free goodies! Another 2 amazing star Counselors who aren’t on today’s roster are  Sound & Light visionary Jan Cercone & Color Me Yoga & Amputee Yoga Marsha Therese Danzig.10. EarthGym11. AnneOur SoulPlay Camp Counselor Luisah Teish is an internationally acclaimed storyteller who shares such rich storytelling, art, and her founding of the Overground Railroad. Today she has a moment of nature’s beauty and a little cotton candy cloud story! 05. ExpressionTeishWe have 2 amazing Grief Guide SoulPlay Counselors ~ for death, grief, and release are such important parts of the soul’s journey. Yesterday and tomorrow, Michelle Peticolas shares her grief release, life celebration dances:
03. MichelleGrief Guide Uma Girish is on today with some of our audio conversation about signs and communications with Spirits ~ our loved ones who have died. We play ~ and invite you to do it too ~ a Grief Game using the classic book, The Little Engine That Could: 03C. ThatCould 03B.UmaSPEach of our SoulPlay Counselors are such gifts to the Camp and to the world! Visit them all on the Camp page! One of my learnings and adjustments is to keep presencing myself to them … their souls … and what they are offering all of you … and presencing my soul to your souls … the ones that I am doing this for. Yes, I am doing this because I am called, driven and determined ~ certainly layers of unworthiness still at work but mostly just the yesness of “I think I can” and I will! Going forward, this content will be offered out in several ways that will truly honor each of our Camp Counselors better as well as the whole offering of SoulPlay!

For going forward for the next 10 days of Camp … I am making some adjustments in the amount of sessions I produce for I am still producing as I go and re-committing to a more balanced flow of life. I am still a single mom and daughter to aging local parents with needs you know! + the me that needs to walk and take bubble baths!

I will still be honoring the schedule of daily activations, vibrations and celebrations from all of our wonderful Camp Counselors and surprised guests but I am doing some re-runs … the originally slated 252 listings will still be over 200 which is plenty for all of us busy souls! This came into full play today when I realized that our Day 10 Campfire never posted yesterday ~ so wa, la … there it is today!

I will also keep trying to make the early morning mark for new day posts ~ scheduled for 6:00 a.m. Pacific ~ with reruns this should be easier. Today I was the latest ever, about 2+ hours beyond my “ish” mark! Naked truth. But I am fully forgiving myself for this in being a 1 woman operation and hope that any SoulPlay Campers and Counselors would forgive me too! I am doing my best ~ and there is always a plethora of Camp Activities for free ~ most of which are there for at least 24 hours. I choose to embrace the divine order of every bit of it!

So, bottom line of the soul journey is to stay committed and flexible … this has been said so many ways … I’m hearing the old Kenny Rogers song … “You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em …”! BTW, have you heard the SoulPlay song?! It is in the last post along with the SoulPlay Camp invitation video which are also both found on the Camp page which houses our Counselors, daily revolving schedule, donation opportunity and free Camp registration.

Thank you to ALL of our Camp Counselors ~ want to be honoring them ALL ~ and thank you to my incredible angel & Spirit team ~ and thank you to me, the fearless, senseless(?!) Camp director ~ and thank you to YOU our SoulPlay Campers ~ and you are all SoulPlay Campers and Counselors by virtue of the fact that you are living your soul’s essence and brilliance right here and now … and in countless ways …  every SoulPlay day! Thank you! Namaste, Love.


SoulPlay ~ My Job!

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. …” ~ Steve Jobs
This free, innovative, integrative experience airs 8/9-8/29!

This free, innovative, integrative experience airs 8/9-8/29!
We are LIVE today!

Namaste Beloveds!
I greet you in the name of celebration, radical trust and every bit of my crazy, round peg, misfitedness! As SoulPlay Camp director, I can say yahoo as we brought out the fun of day 1 today ~ for the select few who signed up and *may* be saying “Woo Hoo!” My summer of 1st world ‘Job’ (bible)-ness is coming to some sort of milestone today with this ‘job’ I created for myself launching out. Behind the scenes, there is still plenty more work to do and no money *yet* coming in. I think I mentioned in the last post, I have definitely mastered the hard work without a paycheck on this one though I am holding and hoping for August payments. And even though I have always chosen the work that calls my heart, this one has me indeed wondering, just how crazy am I?!

Thereby, time to affirm with all of you, the essence of SoulPlay that is so real … beauty, music, story, resonance, remembrance. You know the feeling when your soul wakes up to a new/old truth? The feeling that you are weightless, timeless, completely free? The laughter that takes you over in waves of joy?!

Eat Well!

Fab Photo of Blueberries Thanks: Chance Arguella at Free Range Stock ~ Our SoulPlay Camp Chef of Nourish Holistic Nutrition, Anne Baker,  has many gluten free recipes & tidbits! ~ This picture is also featured on Monday in our ongoing daily Pray & Play Calendar at New Thought Families ~ linked as part of our early morning reverent reverie!

We know that as human beings, we are a mix of body, mind, and Spirit; each of these aspects of self can be activated through fun experiences. When we follow our heart, passion becomes activation in remembering more of who we are and why we are here.

Play is one of the best teachers ever because it is experiential and activates our inner passions. When small children play; they are immersed in the moment, in full focus passion. Children are experts at play! People of all ages seek fun but too often, not often enough! Fun is something to be squeezed into our busy schedules. Typically, as adults, we schedule play in the form of vacations, organized sports, or some other ‘destination’; SoulPlay is an invitation to another way of living in the flow of what our souls know. From this happy place, we are free to be more fully expressed and fulfilled in all areas of our lives.

For me, that happy place is all about play, children, story, song, nature, beauty, divinity, sweet Spirit in all forms.   I can only hope in this moment that my job of SoulPlay ~ Camp & otherwise ~ is meaningful & inspirational for others …

With a mix of storytellers and songsters, there’s 1 Laurie StorEBook at each of the 21 nightly SoulPlay TeleSummer Camp campfires!

All the aspects of play & passion in my Laurie’s Stories & New Thought Families literacy work are coming together at Creative Spirit Families. This latest endeavor of an online summer camp mixes the arts with Spirit play.

SoulPlay is a groundbreaking, online experience that invites all ages to flow their divine essence as Love expressed and PLAY! This 21 day event is chock full of inspirational, imaginational invitations from an awesome assortment of cultural & healing arts presented by an array of authors, artists, musicians, teachers, and soul reachers, aka Camp Counselors. Each counselor appears 5-15 times throughout the 21day camp. The roster of free offerings changes daily at 6:00 a.m.Pacific. Here’s our Day 1 roster sure to foster soul FUN for someone if not everyone! Each day’s activities, updates and links are on the SoulPlay Camp page.
The SoulPlay Camp page has videos also found in the August 1st post here. The Registration for SoulPlay allows you free daily access and there is a wee fee for purchasing all of SoulPlay. Our 501C3 Creative Spirit Families donation button is on the bottom of the page.

Whether or not you join us for any of our online camp, I am grateful for your presence here. I wish you the grace filled gift of letting your soul come out to play ~ in your own unique way! ~ Sending infinite Love ~ Namaste!


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