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Holy Spirit Rising

Greetings this Mindful Monday … this sacred, reconnected, holy day of light filled life … This day is a celebrated New Year for some in the Sikh tradition . Sikh And at sundown, the 8 days of Jewish Passover begin. JudaismPassover is a remembrance of how Moses freed the Israelites who were enslaved by the Pharaoh. This is also the Christian Holy Week leading into Easter. Yesterday was the glorious gateway into Holy Week; the celebration of Palm Sunday: Jesus symbolizes our I AM identity. His going up to Jerusalem means our taking the last step in unfoldment preparatory to the final step, when the personality is entirely crucified and the Christ triumphs. Jesus riding the ass into Jerusalem means the fulfillment of the time when the spiritual I AM within us takes control and lifts all the animal forces up to the spiritual plane of mastery, purity, peace.  ~Charles Fillmore ChristianIn the Christian tradition, this is a week of celebration, tribulation and resurrection. This, of course, being the week that Jesus went from the waving palm fronds of celebration & accolades to the incredible suffering of the cross to the ultimate Spirit Rising, life eternal of Easter. It is an invitation to all of us to visit our own Gethsemane for reflection (re)dedication,  renewed inspiration. Gethsemane is symbolic of the struggle that takes place within the consciousness when truth is realized as the one reality. ~Charles FillmoreIMG_7324  As any Spirit Rising from the darkness, Sprit Freedom from enslavement, or Spirit Hope ignited in a New Year or any new beginning, we are reunited with purpose, passion and our YES to life! No matter where we are planted, our Spirit beckons us to reach for the light … to GROW!  I bid us all great blessings in our own gardens of growth this Holy Week of renewed freedom. Remember that all seeds need some darkness to sprout. And that painful fertilizer always somehow make us wiser. Wherever you are in your garden, germinating, sprouting or already enjoying full bloom, I celebrate you and this gift of life. I celebrate the death and birth in the cycle of life so apparent in spring and Easter, and in all that is holy. It is all Holy Spirit in action. For my part, I have had an extremely dark dual lately but my Spirit remains free to keep saying yes and showing up. I am patiently tending to the garden that calls me, knowing the blooms are a beautiful gift of service for those I am here to serve. For this week, that brings an invitation from the Color Cloud to paint dinosaur bones and (Easter) eggs …

A page from Color Specialist: Dinosaur Paintologist, A Laurie StorEBook!

A page from Color Specialist: Dinosaur Paintologist, A Laurie StorEBook!

We have daily invitations & celebrations in our April Play & Pray Calendar featuring the flow of grace from the sea ~ and some of our graceful sea creature relations. Our fab freebies this month include a home celebration video of Jeremiah & I with Easter Spirit Rising affirmations and singing. We also revisit & offer you a cyber Easter Blessing “Hunt” to add to your Easter reflections and connections … Easter Blessing Surprises are here! The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise.   ~Carl Knudsen Spirit Rising Whatever this week is bringing your family, may you find some holy moments of reverence and reverie … A holiday is a holy day, and holiness doesn’t happen to us. Holiness is a choice we make, and holidays are portals of energy through which the experience of things that matter most is increased within us and in the world in which we live.  ~Marianne Williamson

Let us make our Holy Week Mindful Meditation one of living in gratitude aware of the flow of grace. In our homes, our travels, our world, may we see & celebrate the flow of Love’s grace. And may we truly embody it in a renewed Spirit Rising within us. Namaste, Love!

Divine Energy Flowing

IMG_9280Namaste Sacred Beings of Divine Energy!

March has been a whirlwind of travel since I was here last with more on the way … I’m currently in a hotel room in Arizona, flying home tomorrow and leaving at 5:00 a.m. the next day for a sacred Women’s Leadership Training weekend on the beautiful northern CA coast … I have been so blessed by the wonders of nature and family and work vision these last few weeks as the divine energy continues to flow, to grow, to glow! Here are a few travel log highlights as I continue to contemplate and navigate the deeper seeds of life changing within myself, family & work … amid ancient treasures of nature and sacred Spirit as beauty & love expressed.
DaffodilHilAn old friend from the East coast came out for a visit … Rosie was there when Jeremiah was born … we took her to our local blooming wonder, Daffodil Hill and then my Jeremiah took off with the high school jazz band to Disneyland. I was reminded of Science Camp a few years back when my baby went off with out me and this time, my teenager gave me daily text check ins … we even texted our morning and evening prayers. A big adjustment for me but also an opportunity to keep flowing … and to keep knowing … to center and re-center in gratitude, acceptance, allowance, and Love. And I had my friend to travel with … we went to my old pre-Jeremiah beach town where I lived and the beach was glorious! BeachThe shore was scattered with shells and stones, some fossilized and all gleaming & glowing with ancient and present day layers of life … beauty and divinity. The redwood forest is also right there and our forest walk yielded so much inspiration … the ancient redwoods when logged sprout a whole family of trees from their roots encircling them … the circle of life, to be sure. It was there, that I did a face plant in the creek which resulted in bruises and a new camera … my lesson was to not get so caught up in (others) outer energy but to keep focused and listening to my own divine energy guidance flowing … ever flowing!ForestAmid the airport trips, there was a long awaited Dr. visit with my dad in which no further procedures were scheduled meaning my father’s deteriorating health and resulting symptoms have no further course of action rather than acceptance and allowance … forgiveness and faith. More in the circle of life … living … aging … dying …Sedona

Next, Jeremiah & I left for Arizona where we met his dad for another of our alternative family vacations. As Jeremiah ages, he understandably wants more dad time; yet some of the instability & abusive issues there remain. I am in allowance that my young man cub can spend the time he chooses with his dad as I make more and more space for his sake and my own. I am extremely grateful that we have stayed a family and had so many adventures together. It’s definitely challenging for all of us and each of us shed tears amid the sacred Sedona spiritual vortex energy yet I believe that our common good and goal ~ Jeremiah ~ is the better for all of it. Spiritual Parenting is about awareness, consciousness and co-creation and we are doing our best to do just that with as much Love, forgiveness and allowance as possible. We are indeed so blessed in Love! And I am also reminded and in divine energy allowance that I have always wanted a partner in life that I truly align with … for myself, yes, yet also for Jeremiah so that he has another man around as a different living example of how to be a man … Though I have the vision board set documented here in January, I haven’t done much else to dance with ‘the man’ … soooooo …. more seeds to sow! I also know that spiritual community is another great space to meet quality friends that can help give growing guidance to my man-cub … We are blessed with a few quality man friends that we see sporadically … And ultimately, if my young one turns out to follow some of his father’s footsteps that I find faltering, so be it. Mine is to guide to the best I can and to allow, ever allow, that delicate, devoted divine energy mother love ~ God Love ~ unconditional Love. So it is.
CactusMeanwhile, we have visited with my brother and his family here, soaked up sacred red rocks at Sedona, experienced great Giants baseball spring training games and been amazed by the tree tall cactus … reportedly that only grow a foot a year and yet as you can see, tower above all else. The Saguaro cactus average 70 feet tall and have become the iconic symbol of the southwest. I found them a wondrous example of the sacred … from the sweeping desert landscapes to the city streets ~! As it should be!AcornOak

In the midst of all the travel, I have been chipping away at the web work; our Divine Energy Flowing Daily Play & Pray March calendar got linked up even if the Mindful Membership resource sections on the ABC pages are still pending! I did get the Video Library all linked up and live with 166 videos from the archives! I have video footage for more Sacred Moments  from the recent adventures and am now so much better equipped to keep building the video offerings! I am also chipping away on Creative Spirit Families grant applications that would allow more flow of help for New Thought Families and Leaping Literacy and! This weekend’s retreat is all about business breakthroughs so I can better reach the peeps I am here to serve with all this marvelous, mindful multi-media found in our New Thought Families branch of the Leaping Literacy Library!


We are so blessed ~ it is all Love Expressed!

So sacred ones … how is your divine energy going … growing … knowing … flowing …?! In these fleeting days of March, let us keep repeating our last Mindful Meditation Invitation ~ to let divine energy flow through all aspects of our being … those we are seeing and those we are simply being! No matter where your sacred awareness has been or is going, I invite you to breathe in a big breath of divine energy here and now … breathe in divinity … breathe out ENERGY! May you know the divine spark that sizzles within you and may you allow the flow of your divinity to bless you and all others … You are the divine breath of Love … here as divine energy expressed. I celebrate you! Namaste, Love.0037

Seeds Of Divinity

Planting9Namaste Spring Seeds of Divinity!

I sorta watched myself take last week off from the blog ~ first time since we were born here and now it is the month’s first post on the 11th day of March … yet the time in the silence & darkness has me resurfacing with new found sprouts of yesness ~ sacred seedlings of blessedness! Plants2

Sunday was our March PlayShop held at the Community Building here in our little town. I embraced the day & the event with clear Love and joy but not first without a lot of prayer. Prayer for me is an open communion with God and I don’t usually ask too much but rather affirm … Love flowing … receptivity to grace … divine order and timing … But for the PlayShop I did ask for a clear sign to keep going on this path or the clarity and strength to just stop showing up at least in this way, time and space. There didn’t seem to be families here called to come.  I still prayed affirmingly and willingly to keep showing up for the calling … knowing I’ll keep doing family PlayShops in some way ~ but here and now?!  I  am very clear that my work is on purpose even if I have yet to really establish the conscious, intergenerational, interfaith community that I am seeking and that is seeking me. Yet … if you consider a community just a few families, perhaps we are established after all for my answered prayer could not have been more beautifully answered at Sunday’s PlayShop. One of our families that were there last month returned and soon after walking in the door, the mom unknowingly expressed my basic mission statement and reason for establishing the local, monthly PlayShops, “We’ve decided we want to come every month. We don’t go to church … we used to go to a Unitarian church before moving here but there’s nothing like that here. And this is so fun for the kids … for all of us … a way for us to really heart connect. And once a month is completely doable.” I was a bit stunned and completely grateful and happy to hear those words! Though I was at peace and happy with myself and Jeremiah for showing up, her words paved the way for another level of commitment, assurance, joy and purpose.
ConCrafts2 ConCrafts3A few more of our families came ~ my wonderful Irish fairy friend and her children ~ Arleen ~ who is the board secretary of Creative Spirit Families and is definitely committed to our cause. Then another friend came with her 3 children … I have talked with her about PlayShops for years and she finally came ~ vowing whole heartedly to return! Mmmm …. how does it get any better than this? When one of our 7 year old boys exclaims, “I love this place!” I miss the point by answering, “I know! Isn’t it great right next to the park?!” He responds, “I love what we do here! I love who comes here!” YES! Now, that’s Love! When they were leaving, he pointedly said, “See you next month!” And I heard him chirping all the way to the car about coming every month. Community! So blessed in Love! And so it is. Cards1In addition to creative art decorating our pots for the seedlings at the PlayShop, we had a sacred circle where we each nurtured the seeds of our dreams and beings; we had affirmation cards, Angel & Soul Purpose cards for those who wanted that guidance, we each lit candles and affirmed our inner light and we each dipped into water Jeremiah captured and I saved from Niagara Falls the summer of 12. We drummed and sang songs like Spirit Is Calling, I Am A Bright Light, Seed Of Me. My own dreams were reinforced as I celebrated all that has been created and that can be offered to parents, families, churches, any and all who are called to utilize our reverent resources full of intergenerational, interfaith play & pray invitations!
Plants7We are planting seeds of Divine Energy on the website; today’s Play & Pray Calendar plants seeds of Fortitude. And it is indeed with seeds of fortitude as well as compassion, appreciation, forgiveness and yesness that I keep showing up to the New Thought Families branch of the Leaping Literacy Library. The (re)scheduled opening for the branch was 10 days ago on 3/1 and I basically opened it unfinished because I couldn’t stand to re-schedule it ~ AGAIN! Aha, hence, in part, the hiding from the blog methinks! For the most part, the content is all there but the endless linking goes on as does my dance of busyness and resistance. Truth is, I am committed to so many things! Yet, in this process, mystical, mindful, multiple awareness’ have sprouted ~ perhaps some that you grace filled gardeners can relate to:
1. I lie to myself! If I really knew how long things were going to take, I wouldn’t sign up! So I say yes to this invincible, time doesn’t exist yesness of possibilities based on an unrealistic calendar commitment. The answer? To lovingly keep re-defining truth, saying yes and moving forward with fortitude filled feet ~ and lots of forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, patience, and peace. Deep breath. And quite possibly to quit front announcing things until they are actually done. Another deep, deep, deep breath!
2. My dance of resistance which can look like procrastination, creative avoidance or a myriad of other things is rooted in fear. Did I just use the ‘F’ word?! Even though I don’t usually, consciously experience fear, it has been running me subconsciously. I co-create huge amounts of content and then, in many ways, I hide. I don’t do whatever it takes to bring the co-creations full circle with the peeps that would be best served by them … because? Well …
3. Unworthiness will leave any plant root-bound and unable to grow! Now, this is actually going a bit deeper than I had planned but it’s true that the lie of unworthiness can run us subconsciously and sabotage all our efforts. So as I return to the truth of the lie so must I resume the treatment of lovingly and compassionately continuing forward with faith & fortitude filled feet!

And 1 more really practical #4 ~ If you keep really organized files, records, content … getting everything linked up is infinitely easier! In my case, my thousands of files over 7 years are spread over 3+ hard drives so some of my precious work time is spent hunting or re-creating the wheel! As I continue to bless my mess, I see that all of it stems from the cry for Love … Always Love. And I continue to embrace all the ways there are to be Love expressed ~ including the healing ways that help me bless my mess!

When we ended February here, our Mindful Meditation Invitation was to watch the divine energy flowing through your heart and how it fueled your purpose and passion. What seeds of awareness did you sow? What new sprouts began to show? Anything new for you to know and grow?! Among other things, I discovered getting the help I need is layered with, in part or whole, removing the weeds listed above that can act as growth inhibitors. We all have cellular damage that can be relieved with more Love received. So I will leave you with an amazing Love frequency, vibrational treatment that should help you grow those dreams! Working with frequencies and vibration has truly healed so much old reactivity into non-existence enabling me to Love myself so much more deeply ~ even the resistance and insistence on calendar dates that prove unrealistic! So our Mindful Meditation Invitation is to let divine energy flow through all aspects of our being … those we are seeing and those we are simply being! Namaste stupendous sprout of strength and sacred sweetness!

Namaste Beauty Filled Hearts of Love Expressed!
Grace filled greetings in these fleeting mindful moments of February! I am still in the thick of my yes blessed mess of thousands of web files and links as we open the New Thought Families branch of the Leaping Literacy Online Library 3/1. Our opening *should* be on time but in continued sweet surrender, some of the thematic links and navigation will continue through March as I continue planting seeds of Divine Energy. Divine Energy is our March theme and as we know, this is perfect for our onward openings because it is all energy! In the wake of my dance between burn out & resistance and full fledged passion & purpose pledged and re-pledged, I have indeed surrendered to the beauty & Love in all of it knowing that it all counts … every dot, stripe, spot, swipe ~ all in the hand of God! Stripes

Before we let go of February, I must take a mindful moment to further speak to this month’s website themes that mostly stayed in the smiling background as I focused on the bigger picture of rectifying all the files gone before and being offered up in library format ~ a process that did indeed require great Love as well as some hugs and laughter!
Heart Shine
Heart Shine
LoveLove. The greatest power and the force that breathes life into us and into anything we pledge our passion and purpose to. Sometimes Love in Action feels hard or challenging ~ like dealing with adolescent advances or elder decline ~ 2 life scenarios I am facing daily. But guess what? The hard challenge is really in the story, not in the actual moment! When we release attachment to how it was or how we think it should be, we also release the struggle, challenge and suffering! When I affirm and allow myself as a vessel for unconditional, Divine Love, I am indeed infused with divine energy, aka, LOVE! Our Love page is HERE!
LaughterLaughter. The greatest medicine, to be sure. Jeremiah and I used to laugh a lot ~ we would get the giggles most often at bedtime and this joyful gaiety was a perfect gateway into our nighttime prayers. In his teenage phase, there is more of a chasm in what we laugh at ~ he often rolls his eyes at my childish sense of humor & play and I, admittedly will roll my eyes at some of the things he finds funny on YouTube, etc. Yet, through mutual Love, we do still find common ground to laugh upon and often one of us will go there to break any (hormonal!) tension that may be surfacing between us. What a gift! I am also experiencing a newfound laughter bubbling up from my father. He is having interesting behavior changes that include more laughter and singing ~ generally a good thing yet still awkward when done loudly in a restaurant. Through the flow of divine energy play, I am generally amused! Laughter Yoga is a great practice that 2013 Dream Team Callie Carling spoke of. Visit our Laughter page HERE for a giggle and 2 embedded YouTube Laughter yoga videos.
HugsHugs. Ah, the power of the hug! I could use more of them, how about you? Our old Unity church community was big on hugging and I would get my weekly dose ~ a great reason to have such a community! I do share hugs with my teenager and the elders and even myself on a regular basis though doubt any of us get the RDA of 7 … not sure if that’s true but somehow I have that in my mind ~ recommended daily allowance is 7 hugs a day?! How many hugs have you had today? This week? Visit our Hugs page HERE and the Hugs Around The World page HERE which features YouTube videos from around the world showcasing ‘Free Hugs’ campaigns!

As we move into the Divine Energy of March, we will be planting seeds on our daily Play & Pray Calendar and in conjunction, revisiting out Spiritual ABC pages to update them. Each of these pages ~ from Abundance to Zeal ~ has some inspirations and we are adding a Mindful Members section linking all the related songs, videos, books, etc. for easy Member access. We have plenty for our Free Members too ~ in fact, there are 14 Fab February Freebies still available in a multi-media celebration of Love, Hugs & Kindness!

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to look at what you pledge your passion & purpose to … how did you do? Did you see what was true? Did you pledge new allegiance? For me, yes to all with a continued all in all out demand to get some help in all of it! And I am indeed making good steps in that way ~ meeting a young intern in just a few moments as a matter of fact ~ woo hoo! So for this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let’s look at how our hearts are infused with divine energy and how this fuels our purpose and passions!

Thank you so much for being here! And thank you for living mindfully, on purpose and full of passion! I love you. Namaste!

LLC11Join us in our new expanded Leaping Literacy Online Library ~
Membership March brings you a deeply divine discount!

Allegiance And Alliance

Allegiance1Namaste Compassionate, Love Filled Hearts!

This week has had me writing pledges to my own heart and Creator while juggling all the shelves of my Leaping Literacy Library ~ adding in & opening up the New Thought Families branch ~ as well as the calendar & life considerations that included facing hormones, vibrations, a few flu bugs, being the single mom of Jeremiah participating in the annual bi-county Honor Band rehearsals & concert & celebrating his 14th birthday (kid party), caretaking elderly parents and more! So when the new Library indexes were still incomplete and the new configurations in need of more of a deep tweak come the 2-14-2014 opening day, I had to step back, breathe deep and slip into sweet surrender.  O.k., it was Valentine’s Day and I was alone in Angel’s Camp while Jeremiah rehearsed all day so I did shed a few tears of frustration with technology and mostly with disappointment in myself.  Yet, in pretty short order, I embraced myself, celebrated all I had accomplished ~ even if I made all of it more important than my work goal ~ and then I just made another compassionate commitment. So I am patiently & passionately persevering with renewed vows to New Thought Families & Laurie’s Stories & the Leaping Literacy Online Library … in a mildly messy merger, our Cupid Coupon is now re-set to be offered in Membership March ~ so I am finding freedom in facing forward with forgiveness … faith filled feet forging fortitude filled footsteps … for families!
Leaping Literacy!CupidCoupon
New Thought Families has indeed become a branch in Laurie Story’s Leaping Literacy Online Library ~ yippee! Focused on Spiritual Literacy with applications for home & school use, you can get a good feel for our materials with 14 Fab Freebies on the Free Shelf now ~ a celebration exploration of Love, Kindness, Hugs & imagination!

LLC11 To access 14 Fab Freebies From New Thought Families + Short e, Long E & Alliteration Laurie StorEBooks, Sign Up or Sign In with your Free Leaping Literacy Library Card! We’ll send brief new title notifications weekly or bi-weekly unless you opt out!

So, last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to look at honor … what did you see? I saw the afore mentioned swirl of commitments and the angel Love and self compassion that brought me full circle back to heart ~ with honor! And yet …. I also felt the toll of too much fragmentation and how that rendered me unable to fully honor all that I wanted to.

Lighthouse Quiet

So, let me honor this … in keeping with our annual timeline since the web inception of New Thought Families 2/7/2007 …
Happy Anniversary New Thought Families! Marked for 2/14/2014 ~ it’s all an honoring of LOVE!

Truth is, I am committed to Love and to New Thought Families and to Laurie’s Stories and to Laurie and to my family and to the One Love that breathes us all. How that can take shape into celebratory service to others is still unraveling … including this blog …  so can I be in true honoring and allegiance with all of it? I don’t know but my heart does …. So thereby,  this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation question is of allegiance and alliance, to what or whom do you pledge your passion & purpose?!

Thank you for being here. For whatever mindful moment or reverent reason, you are here and I thank you. I pledge allegiance with you and the heart we share here and now. Namaste, Love!

Honoring Heart

LoveLettersNamaste Happy Hearted Valentines!
I greet you in celebration and honoring this Mindful Monday! And wherever your heart is on the scale of happy this mindful moment, I fully embrace and honor all of you and invite you to do the same!  Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to remember to embrace the moments mindfully, fully present to the gifts! How was the presence for you?! I had about a trillion … well ok, probably less ~ moments of emotional roller coaster gratitude. It is indeed a gift to stay present, even and especially when it’s tough or painful ~ stay present, feel the pain, and give thanks anyway! Knowing, really knowing, it truly is Love, always Love.
Sooooooo … the recap of the week’s highlights feels ridiculous, I bought a new car ~ whaaaat?! And cried lots of tears about leaving my true blue love, 1997 Geo Metro with 210,000 miles ~ seriously?! Had more Dr. visits with dad and hard decisions that can come with aging. Did more mama bird singing over the baby bird’s ever expanding wing span ~ O.k. he will be 14 next week, it is natural, whatever that’s supposed to feel like! We hosted our local Feb PlayShop for Heart Notes and held creative family space that was the essence of true Love ~ it is our children that teach us best about unconditional Love! We had a weekend of steady rain ending a scary drought that had everyone smiling happy and the hills literally turning green before our eyes! I had more milestones and meltdowns over the new Membership site opening as our anniversary Valentine present 2/14/14. I deepened into vibrational receiving and cutting cords experiencing more peace and freedom that comes from that. And the underlying grace I got in all of it … asking for help is a great honoring of life. Hugh? How did I get there? Simply by staying fully present to all of the gifts … through the waves of emotion, life choices and decisions, and the practice of paying attention to my energy flows and asking for help as needed. ~ Well asking for help from my angels anyway! It seems the divine shine in my Valentine is the invitation to ask for human help ~ from other humans!

Heart Notes PlayShop: Creating Hearts At Play!

Heart Notes PlayShop: Creating Hearts At Play!

The PlayShops are an awesome gift … intergenerational inspirations! And they require a fair amount of my time and energy … like so many other projects in my life! Funny how that works … And I see it in my fiercely independent dad and many others of course; that tendency to work hard and not ask others for help ~ for a myriad of reasons. Tom Hunter put it poetically and musically in his song, Rock Me To Sleep,
” … I’ve never been too good at asking

I’m more apt to do it alone
And it’s strange how a lot of us think something’s wrong
If we can’t do it all on our own”

StoneHeartSo, of course I’ve been looking at this in myself for years. But it seems to be coming into some sort of self Love induced critical mass ~ the true Love fact that if I am to live my highest and best, to give from my zone of genius, I must have help. Either that or untether from a whole lot of commitments ~ shut down websites, cut off family members, table creative urges ~ In a way it is the most tender surrender, to just reach out and say, “Can you help me?” “Will you help me?” At least it feels tender in this mindful moment, the voice of a vulnerable Valentine tempered by the empowered inner goddess of goodness who knows her worth and stands firm in it. More simply and factually put, if I want to birth all the books and songs inside me and calling from the massive archives accrued over the years, I have to have others doing (thousands of!) web links, marketing and other aspects of the business I don’t relish and in fact, am so successful at sidestepping! In simple terms for you shining Valentine, our souls are always whispering through our hearts and sometimes we have to release before we can embrace our full divine design!
So how can you best honor your own heart as well as others this Valentine’s Day beloved? Remembering, too that when we ask others for help, we honor them as well as gift them with the opportunity to be of service.

Feathers Of Faith

Honoring Heart
Allowing you to be whoever and however you are in any moment ~ mindful or otherwise!
Honoring Heart
Seeing you, really seeing you, and embracing & celebrating you for the precious gift you are!
Honoring Heart
Acknowledging your cries and need to be held … reaching out for help in the arms of Love.
Honoring Heart
Being with you in full attention to your wisdom whispers, dancing in your divine flow of Love.

For this week’s Mindful Mediation Invitation then, look at honor … by remembering, acknowledging and accepting all that is with as much unconditional Love as you can muster! If you need help, ask your angels, earthly or heavenly ~ they stand ready to help but can’t do so if you don’t ask!IMG_7013

Well, it is 4:00 p.m., Pacific and I wish to name and claim my Mindful MONDAY! Wonder just how many times I have mentioned that in this blog over the last 3 years?! So will close with an honoring of this New Thought mama’s heart ~ this is the 156th consecutive post! Started as an anniversary celebration gift in 2011, I have made it here faithfully every week for 3 years, WOO HOO! ~ and even thought it has been named and claimed as Mindful Monday Matters, the weekly post didn’t always make Monday. And I would do well to heed my own wisdom whispers that renamed the blog last month, Heart Smart Mindful Matters and never speak of the Monday thing again! Decisions, revisions, forgiveness, yesness, blessedness! In honoring my heart, I am still listening about how to proceed with the blog … keep it a mix of content from ‘Dear Diary’ current events, website updates, metaphysical musings or what?!
Keep a weekly date? 
I am still sitting with it even as I affirm that clarity is my natural state of being, knowing the answers live in my whispering heart which I do indeed honor in grateful celebration!

0037And I honor you, holy heart. May you ask for help when you need it ~ honoring whoever you ask with the gift of helping. May we all breathe as One Love in the name of St. Valentine and well beyond as the breath of Love we are created from. Thank you for being here as the true Love you are ~ whole, happy, hopeful, healing, harmonious, hungry … however you are, you are a beautiful heart of Love and I am so deeply grateful for you. Breathing Love with you now … Namaste!

Love to you from New Thought Families!

Love to you from New Thought Families!

If there’s a world here in a hundred years, it’s going to be saved by tens of millions of little things. ~ Pete Seeger

Namaste Happy & Hope Filled Hearts of Goodness! Greetings this 1st Mindful Monday in Fab February!

The sun is shining here as the crisp afternoon inches its way into evening … I have missed my 4:00 deadline to meet the Monday date for Word Press and some whisper of integrity tells me I need to mention that. I just take promises seriously and I did vow to make it here on Monday … and I have! I am here! And so are you ~ woo hoo! I celebrate this Mindful Moment with reverie and reverence. A lifetime, after all, is made up of the moments … millions of moments. And of course, what we do with them, how we feel about them, and the stories we tell ourselves about them. This week’s moments for me were a curious mix of birth & death, mirth & breath, protection, perfection, consideration, contemplation & celebration!

Blizzard03 copy

From Blooming Bluebell Blizzard, A Laurie StorEBook
C 2014 Laurie Story Vela

Being generous of spirit is a wonderful way to live. ~ Pete Seeger

It’s been a full week here with me in service to my family and my work and myself … Dr. & hospital appointments with my dad, being there for him and setting new boundaries, being there for Jeremiah who will be 14 this month ~! Being there for me in my continued expansion work of allowing & co-creating the life that I came for ~ And that means I was also present for Laurie’s Stories & New Thought Families web work and book publishing. While one of the titles mentioned last week, Beauty Eyes is still in process, I did take one of my Laurie Story archived alliteration audio books into illustration and the blooms went zoom into 2 new books reminiscent of the original title but definitely each taking on a life of their own! My art is merging with photos ~ mine & others, the new illustration style is merging with new and old writings and I am slowly but surely weaving all my worlds and words together … Laurie’s Stories, New Thought Families, music, eBooks, mind, Spirit, reverie & reverence ~  Creative Spirit Families! Our Free Shelf in the Leaping Literacy Library is being stocked with both Laurie StorEBooks and our New Thought videos & songs ~ we have inspirations with Love, Love, Love & Heart Notes at home, in the classroom and in the community. Access them all by signing up for your Free Library Card! And for the Love of the vast archives of co-creations, our expanded Leaping Literacy Library (re)opens with multiple Membership levels on 2-14-2014.

From Blooming Bluebells, A Laurie StorEBook C 2014 Laurie Story Vela

From Blooming Bluebells, A Laurie StorEBook C 2014 Laurie Story Vela

This last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation ~ what beauty can you experience to elevate you into more and more of the Love Expressed you are here to be? had me looking at beauty with a lot of glimpses into aging and dying. I spent some time helping my father who had bouts of meanness turned on me … in the circle of life I took it in peaceful stride but also put up boundaries. My father can be mean. He was horrible about Pete Seeger dying … Pete being one of my heroes and to my father ‘a no good hippie.’ I won’t further contemplate my father but do want to honor the great Pete Seeger ~ so many lives touched, so many good stories this week …

Pete Seeger singing from the heart as he always did!

Pete Seeger singing from the heart as he always did!

If you sing for children, you can’t really say there’s no hope. ~ Pete Seeger

It was Jeremiah who told me that Pete Seeger died. His blue grass playing science teacher asked the class who knew of Pete Seeger and it turns out the only other hand was a girl thinking of Bob Seeger. Jeremiah met Pete Seeger at a CMN event when he was 4 and thinks he might remember. Pete was a folk legend of course but he was so much more … in terms of being real, of being generous and kind and compassionate. He was goodness personified. We had met a few times and had a bit of written correspondence over the years that included him sending me a check for $10 one time in the hopes I had a particular song recorded. I don’t remember where he heard me sing the song. I was honored of course and cashed the check even though everyone said I was crazy to do so. At the time, guess I needed the 10 bucks! I had a brief conversation with him one time about fame; he was so humble and didn’t like folks to fuss over him so I guess it was fine with him I cashed the check. When I went to record Turn, Turn, Turn with my ‘kid verses’, Faith Petric gave me Pete’s number and I called him to ask him about using the song. When I called, I really don’t know if he knew who I was. It didn’t matter to him. The fact that Faith had given me his number was enough for him I think. We talked that day for a good 45 minutes ~ mostly about Ecclesiastes which he had a lot to say about ~ I mostly listened ~ in rapture. It occurred to me several times to take notes or even to record him but that just felt too cheap and cheesy in the moment … since then I’ve wished I had … done something to remember what he said … But I know he made me feel valued and honored to be in his presence … the ramblings of an old man ~ maybe ~ but a privilege to be sure. They say, in the end, it’s not what people say but how they make you feel … and Pete Seeger had a way of making everyone feel like a special friend. We had a bit of correspondence after that regarding the song ~ he sent me the ‘kid verses’ that his wife, Toshi had written … I cherish what he brought to me, to so many, to the whole movement of folk music and activism and peace, what his loving generosity & goodness brought to the planet … I can sense him around a starfire with Faith, and Toshi, Utah Phillips … singing good songs and championing all of us to keep singing them too.

I feel that my whole life is a contribution. ~ Pete Seeger

Death is one of the best reminders we have for embracing the moments. In the heart of all of our remembered moments is Love … an act of Love or a cry for Love as Ernest Holmes said and my Always Love song sings. For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let us remember to embrace the moments mindfully, fully present to the gifts! Here’s the video I made last year as our New Thought Families anniversary gift, Love Remembered & Expressed.

So may your moments be full of remembrance of the reverie and reverence always beckoning in this dance of the divine. Thank you for the expression of Love you are. Namaste, Love!


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